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1465.38 (4,397,966th)
4,201 (39,706th)
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Title Δ
Laravel project deployed to shared hosting returns HTTP error 500 0.00
MySQL Get Row From PrimaryKey AutoIncrement ID 0.00
Assets doesnt compile (I include linker folder but doesnt work) 0.00
Adding sails application name as prefix in all links +0.02
Getting error when I connect sails js with mysql (node - v7.5.0) 0.00
PayPal cURL Cert error setting certificate verify location 0.00
PHPMailer works on localhost but on but not on server -3.64
ZIP file corrupted when downloaded by header +0.36
Kohana 3.2: Route the control to another path than default 0.00
file path is not retrieved in codeigniter 0.00
extending PDO as CodeIgniter library 0.00
CodeIgniter: Fatal error: Call to a member function select() on a n... -3.78
jQuery UI Disable All Submit Buttons on Entire Page -0.80
MYSQL Query to Codeigniter Query 0.00
How to wait for ajax call of another element's click event to finish +2.78
Getting the project root -0.39
Codeigniter CSV upload then explode 0.00
Splitting array if empty value +0.24
SQL Query from multiple text inputs +0.25
Update two rows with the same query -3.57
PHP redirect to HTTPS if page is -1.76
How to write ${$var} with $_REQUEST[] -3.07
Post/execute form field data to browser address bar +0.17
PHP class_exists acting case sensitive -3.20
Combine parts of an Array of Days -3.86
PHP OOP : Dividing a class into sub classes for ease of access +3.86
PHP how to use magic method with static class? +0.23
Automatic pagination for status board program -3.83
php : email sending failed with more than one attachment -1.08
php array_filter based on a specific column -3.86
load next offer when answer has been submitted 0.00
How do I get class name in PHP? -3.47
using function in methods while working OOP in PHP -3.57
calling php function from jquery ajax with include statement error +0.04
Populating the HTML drop-down list with a value that is in the MySQ... +0.49
Check once a function is complete -0.26
Styling Error checking elements 0.00
mirror (and alter) input field jquery +4.87
Loading CSS, JS in CodeIgniter -2.00
PHP Beginner OOP Building an object -2.04
php encrypt a very large number to produce a smaller number -2.54
Redirect if page has already been visited -0.11
Why I can't access static property of a class when class is a dynam... 0.00
Difference between dates calculation not working +0.74
Prevent BACKSPACE from navigating back with jQuery (Like Google's H... 0.00
SimpleXMLElement Object back to XML +4.51
Which these conditional has a better performance in php? +2.42
Validating passwords with random salts -2.32
Associative array to Json -3.97
PHP get data from database, and use it outside while loop +3.71