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Yan Berk

1555.22 (6,561st)
13,028 (11,158th)
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Title Δ
how to Insert data in session using codeigniter +0.03
codeigniter active record, get where array of values 0.00
Store rendered view file in a variable in Codeigniter 0.00
php codeigniter single function for all other function +0.41
How to get show_error() in CodeIgniter to load a view? +0.43
$this->db->where('field !=', 1); when default is null in code... 0.00
Using CodeIgniters Upload class, trying to put select data in a new... 0.00
CodeIgniter Query Binding Using IN Clause with String array or stri... 0.00
Codeigniter data not being passed from controller to view +0.16
does codeigniter helper library folder should be empty +0.42
Codeigniter's `where` and `or_where` +1.79
CodeIgniter db select returns different result than SQL query +0.49
LinkedIn Get Token returns HTTP 1.1 400 - Bad Request Error 0.00
Newbie - Blank pdf using CodeIgniter and mPDF 0.00
Error : Object of class CI_DB_mysql_result could not be converted t... -0.57
Codeigniter Loading CSS/JS files at the top of the page 0.00
view data in table generate codeigniter 0.00
Codeigniter activerecord OR select statement 0.00
codeigniter getting the values of a view -0.32
Codeigniter Controller cannot use function within helper 0.00
Why is my html e-mail blank in GMail? (Codeigniter) 0.00
Browser Check With Codeigniter 0.00
Facebook PHP SDK & Codeigniter: Unable to load config 0.00
Creating new core classes (not replacing) 0.00
codeigniter : Why does the requested page is not found? +0.43
PHP Codeigniter Database Helper Class "No tables used" +0.42
Codeigniter MVC / Display all records in table 0.00
Using 'having' in CodeIgniter's Active Record 0.00
Change checkbox state according to its value in generated table +0.41
Setting data sessions and array_merge_recursive() 0.00
Codeigniter Only Loading Index Method 0.00
got error in coding php...unexpected '[' +1.02
How to write compound statement for database query in CodeIgniter 0.00
Calling Method on Object +1.72
wont selected the right username data +0.42
Undefined INDEXES when logged out on members page 0.00
Update with limit 1 in codeigniter use active record 0.00
Codeigniter- loading model w/ contruct & passed var 0.00
Optimal way to create a session and login a user with unique id via... 0.00
Codeignitor Message: Array to string conversion 0.00
Illegal string offset error in codeigniter view 0.00
PHP split string into parts -0.45
PHP header Syntax +0.46
Textarea using set_value not populated Codeigniter 0.00
Incorrect string format -0.04
PHP Stopping Sleep 0.00
Get array from model, then pass to view -0.10
Query running in phpmyadmin but not in codeigniter model +0.43
How to query table based on value from POST method in CodeIgniter 0.00
Why does this code cause a parse error? +2.14