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Diogo Santo

1466.37 (4,523,832nd)
543 (255,894th)
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Title Δ
simple calculation in react native +0.30
How to make carousel work properly with php 0.00
How to get proper json? 0.00
"Trying to get property of non-object" from validate 0.00
Cannot push objects to array 0.00
how do I select a url parameter? 0.00
Better way than multiple if? 0.00
Laravel polymorphic-relationship many to many 0.00
See specific data of array -1.97
Extracting data from a string -3.37
how to generate custom primary id in laravel? +0.09
How to write OOP in PHP 0.00
PHP Laravel How to group dates for each month and display them +0.38
Symfony database not found in Phpmyadmin 0.00
Laravel - How to find foreign key value -1.78
Domain Routing error Missing required parameters in Laravel -3.75
laravel 5.7.15 419 Sorry, your session has expired. Please refresh... +2.78
laravel .env email password not taking, throwing error 0.00
Why did not delete user in table in Laravel 5.6 -2.01
Laravel, simplifying two Eloquent queries into one +0.32
Suggestions on how I populate my HTML Table in the view from 3 diff... 0.00
How to populate a dropdown list with a locally stored JSON file -3.71
PHP - Array and loops for -1.49
Get the number of files in a directory using Laravel 0.00
Laravel - Storing multiple images in the database in Single Row +0.27
Cannot edit my file on macOS mojave, dowloaded XAMPP 0.00
Fatal Error after WP Installations, is it a problem of wp-settings.... 0.00
Submitting a PHP form to store data as XML in a file +0.18
Building html table using php -2.14
Laravel Storage facade asset() with wrong URL generation -3.91
Why I cant set min value of input type date to today? -4.02
laravel check if user has a created an profile 0.00
why php PUT route works in apache but not in IIS? +0.11
what is meant by the trans function in the code..and where is the q... 0.00
What are the advantages of storing info on .env files as opposed to... +0.49
Most secure way to pass authorised user from Laravel backend to fro... -3.93
laravel redirecting to certain part of page -3.93
Need advise. How to validate forms with AJAX and not to create exce... +4.08
while run cron with lumen : There are no commands defined in the &q... +4.12
How to echo multiple images into the same div -3.68
Slice a foreach loop or convert it to a for loop instead? -3.74
Cannot install PHP7 to AWS EC2 instance? -4.09
Add a limit to users creating a item +3.88
Laravel custom error message after submitting the data and redirect... +3.94
multisite eZ Platform installation -1.87
PHP and MYSQLI Check if user ID is present and if not create it -3.99
Sendgrid PHP API - How do I authorize my email as a sender? 0.00
Are keys inherent to arrays? -2.26
Is it possible to create custom npm run commands for Laravel? -2.76