An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.15 (4,428,388th)
85 (790,803rd)
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Title Δ
Converting std::span with dynamic extent to std::span with static e... -1.35
Overload resolution and user-defined conversion 0.00
What is the advantage of using std::type_info::hash_code over std::... +0.49
is this a bug? am i "overflow"ing the array? 0.00
Detecting Quotes in a String C++ -1.81
There is a missing return statement, but the return statement is th... +0.81
If statements not outputting in SFML 0.00
Do I have to use GLAD loader in SFML app? 0.00
sfml static linkage errors in visualStudio 2017 0.00
Python: bool(-1) is returning true. Why does this happen? -3.83
Reading Text file via C++ DLL 0.00
What should I pass to glfwSetWindowSizeCallback? 0.00
pass array of strings to a function which takes const char** -2.04
Delete last 3 elements in list c++ -3.21
2D array in C++ with variable dimentions -0.10
OpenGL/ How can I stop glutTimerFunc? 0.00
OpenGL cube and pyramid +0.18