An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.21 (4,190,779th)
1,773 (92,923rd)
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Title Δ
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: -1.58
Compare two table in JPA 0.00
HashMap click counter increment 0.00
Display IOException into Primefaces Messages 0.00
f:selectItems in a p:selectOneMenu are not triggering the setter fo... 0.00
Use one array of strings to splice another array? -0.99
Dynamically run JUnit test methods -1.73
Java, Substring to get value from string +0.87
Mule data mapping date time conversion not showing hours +0.09
How to set the href parameter value using javascript function -0.34
Search for wrong date format in an XML in java 0.00
How to save tuplas values, to later search on it -1.03
My @Autowired service always null when I give no value for @Request... 0.00
org.hibernate.Criteria.setFetchSize() doesn't work 0.00
primefaces password control with press enter to call webflow function 0.00
Most time efficient way to remove stop words in Java from an array... -0.23
Java - How to handle NullPointerException for large sets of nullabl... +0.77
Should a java method accepting long value accept a Integer object? 0.00
MySQL except clause doesnt work +0.34
org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Failed to start component [... 0.00
Changing Text Using Javascript +0.09
Sum a list of values with no separator in HTML and Java -0.33
Java String check -1.59
Get resource(jar) path in java +1.03
get error in debug mode 0.00
Selenium test error on FirefoxDriver creation +0.85
Mock an object with a constructor mockito 0.00
Return in try catch statement in java +0.78
Where to place configuration properties files in a JSP web applicat... +0.57
Call constructor in an abstract class -0.35
Can we use existing Servlets in the Spring MVC project source, If y... 0.00
How to get UTC time without SimpleDateFormat? -0.32
"matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found&... +0.78
java.util.logging.LoggingProxyImpl cannot be cast to sun.util.loggi... 0.00
Importing Spring properties files from jar file on classpath +0.76
JPA increase the value of a column by one -3.40
Draw Multiple Canvas on a single page +0.88
how can I get particular string(sub string ) from a string -0.59
ParseException - Can't figure out the right pattern -1.48
Regex to extract till colon followed by a number -3.17
Getting error while creating war file. -1.90
Web flow add model attribute for binding with form values -3.58
java StringTokenizer skips the charaters if its part of delimiter -0.10
Displaying java list content using JSTL per table row -2.34
Immutability and Graphs Models - How to create them? 0.00
How do I find index in a List using a subList of that list? +0.60
why is html in java not working? +0.74
Powermockito doNothing for method with arguments -3.38
Javascript - Removing spaces with replace() -3.29