An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1488.74 (4,309,899th)
6,882 (23,316th)
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Title Δ
Check Java Version/API compat in maven without installing old JDKs? 0.00
Wildfly: http access log IP anonymizer 0.00 does not allow to modify robots.txt? 0.00
Hugo: how to store images in same directory as a post? 0.00
Is Cassandra able to detect corrupted data that doesn't get use... +4.54
How to run/manage container background thread in Java EE 7+? 0.00
WildFly 11: safe session passivation for development? 0.00
Glassfish 4.x: using .reload mechanism in Eclipse? 0.00
Jersey 2 & HK2: any way to force a class reload for every reque... 0.00
maven release plugin: releasing from git sub folder? 0.00
Getting a class member by string in Java +0.09
AspectJ: matching GenericServlet.init() call of an annotated subcla... 0.00
Maven dependencies for Jetty 9.3+ with JSP support (NOT embedded) 0.00
How to define sys props in pom.xml when running a file from within... 0.00
tanukisoft daemon wrapper and appassembler maven plugin - how to re... 0.00
Pretty-printing XML using Java +0.10
Targeting old java release with maven+netbeans without installing t... -2.87
maven antrun: how to iterate over files? 0.00
Controlling a KVM guest Linux OS using Java without network access 0.00
android shared prefs backup: initial backup scheduled but not execu... 0.00
I need an older version of the Android SDK. Where can I find it? 0.00
Netbeans, android-maven-plugin and using apklib/aar dependencies 0.00
m2e-android and eclipse kepler/adt latest: apklib classes and resou... 0.00
android-maven-plugin: how to merge java resources from aar into apk? 0.00
Firefox WebDriver hangs waiting for page to load 0.00
How would you make a JPA 2.1 module independent of the JPA implemen... 0.00
How to tell jetty maven plugin v9.1.x to *not* deploy dependent war... 0.00
Netbeans not compatible with maven 3.1.1, ignores maven-distributed... 0.00
X509Certificate's DN: any parser available in some commonly used lib? 0.00
jetty 9.0.4 -> 9.1.2: WebServlet not loading any more 0.00
did jdk7u25 introduce a timezone bug? 0.00
Android Long Polling TCP Connection -1.84
Errors running builder 'Android Resource Manager' on ADT 0.00
Why is this simple query taking a long time to execute and performi... +4.03
Does sorting help efficiency of grep in Perl -3.22
Perl enviroment set no effect -1.23
HTML form action ends up downloading perl file instead of executing... -3.92
Substrings and if statements in Java +1.33
Query optimization -- takes too long and stops the server -1.90
Strange git behaviour reverting changes made in local branches afte... -0.36
(preferably boost) lock-free array/vector/map/etc? -3.21
GWT Module ... not found in project sources or resources -3.88
GWT Rest service 0.00
Is it possible to run JUnit Theories in parallel? 0.00
GWT server<->client message bus? 0.00
how to make a regex to match dates, except one in particular -0.32
Accessing a pdf opened in a new browser window with Selenium and JAVA -0.06
Apache derby in-memory db schema dump with Hibernate 4+ -0.24
Delay in HttpServer since Java 7 -1.70
Synchronizing table data across databases +0.85