An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Scott Sword

1473.10 (4,388,292nd)
2,604 (64,634th)
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Title Δ
Get a list of properties has been changed? 0.00
Webpack how to shim module wrapped in window closure? -4.00
Filter array based on another array and combined -1.13
How can I use addEventListener in Class EcmaScript6? +0.25
Material UI React Modal Dialog on custom container 0.00
Why doing someVar in someArray in an If always give false value +0.08
Why use a '@' paramDefaults values in $resource (Angular 1.... 0.00
Create user with email and password returns non null user with unde... 0.00
How can a Project Management App handle Task Timers with JavaScript... 0.00
External javascript files not loading properly in Firefox, or somet... 0.00
Multiple "if" statements +3.11
AngularJS form and null/empty values +4.34
Filter by date anjularjs 0.00
Subscriber is null when injected in Aurelia class? 0.00
Returning data from modal body template in Angular modal service -3.85
whats causing scroll space on mobile site 0.00
jQuery Loader on ajax call 0.00
Bootstrap background image not filling up space when mobile +0.24
Why is the last line falling out of the wrapper? +0.30
Angular's "controllerAs" not working in routeProvider 0.00
How to install a bower package using a private git server (SSH)? -3.27
Can't build angularjs doc (Don't know how to format @ngdoc: method) 0.00
IIFE raising error -2.28
Can't access $location when using .controller method in AngularJS -3.99
ie9 float left is actually nearer the middle of the page 0.00
Changing the color scheme of a wordpress theme +0.55
Why is this nth-child pseudo selector not working in the following... 0.00
How do I stop a mouseleave event when entering another element? +0.17
Cannot update background image with jQuery -3.36
Using jQuery to append content from sibling -1.76
!empty statement not getting the response I anticipated 0.00
Is there a way to make a specific color (white) in an image transpa... +1.41
Align <td> element in table using CSS 0.00
Using default cursor when hovering over text. Is it okay? 0.00
I Have A Dialog That Displays But Only One Button Changes the Cursor +0.25
Is there a way to include word variants (past tense, gerund) when c... -2.46
How to detect in jQuery's latest version if browser is msie 8 and b... +2.04
easiest way to do the lightening of the image in this example +0.06
Button with a link works in Firefox but not Chrome or Safari -1.05
how can i cache image url in style? -1.27
How to horizontally images resized (via CSS) to fit a box? -2.58
Other jquery functions NOT working after successful ajax function -3.95
jquery slidedown and hide issue -1.59
Colorbox inline not working 0.00
adding text to images for navigation bar +0.05
CSS How to set div height to 100% minus some pixels +4.14
Focus doesn't work after I changed the default border with javascript +0.56
jQuery Masonry: Auto-resize photos like Beyonce's website -3.83
Banner rotator with bg color change and fade javascript +0.01
image not displaying in HTML 0.00