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Silviu Burcea

1469.35 (4,393,761st)
3,441 (48,813th)
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Title Δ
Find an element in html source code and show alert message if it`s... 0.00
Java convert class from Java 14 to 1.7 0.00
Ambiguity regarding << and conditional operator in Java 0.00
How to split string on '~|~' separator in Java? 0.00
Creating POJO objects from JSON array String +0.38
How do I make a javascript program that checks if the array values... -0.01
How to Generate Random numbers in Javascript based on the provided... -0.61
How to enforce compilation with a given JDK in Maven +0.54
Java 8 stream grouping a List<Map<>> by the same <Ke... +2.28
Disallow input if it matches predefined values +0.57
How does this @Override for Arrays.sort work in Java? +1.36
How to build node 5.4.0 npm 3.3.12 - earlier it was working fine 0.00
how to handle maven internal dependancies? +0.30
Junit5 test multiple implementations of the same interface 0.00
Printing elements in nested array with recursion instead of loop +0.54
Whats the difference between project and BOM dependencies? 0.00
how to add list elements corresponding to key in Hashmap? 0.00
How to read txt file with slashes “/” with scanner input and reads... 0.00
JAVA - program that asigns a specific variable to every new object... +0.56
How to build a java project using the command line? +1.90
mongoose connection throwing MongooseServerSelectionError -0.20
Whats the benefit of adding Service in DAO pattern? 0.00
Why is the computational complexity O(n^4)? -0.93
In Maven, how to compile a class outside the source directory into... 0.00
How to read file in java servlet 0.00
Java Inheritance - What is printed when Fly (program) is run? -0.74
How to run scheduleTime in java? +0.05
How to add to a list which is stored in a BeanMap? 0.00
How to fix weird formatting when printing arrays, using \t -1.15
How to depend the generic of a List to the implementing Subclass 0.00
Why child class can use protected fields from class in other package? -0.45
Novice to JS: How to properly call a recursive function in an HTML... -1.22
Prepend zeros to int java +1.39
How to calculate a path to the mouse? -1.63
How to calculate tax percentage in jQuery? 0.00
Best way to find parent node with a specific tag? -1.73
Background Thread doesn't work, but with a simple 'System.o... -0.75
Algorithm - Choose next query based on previous one 0.00
The operator || is undefined for the argument type(s) java.lang.Str... +0.36
What's the difference between if(A) then if(B) and if (A and B)? +1.30
Is List<Double> a subtype of List<? extends Number> and... +0.25
Fixed number rounding down in JavaScript 0.00
JQuery: Finding an elements position -1.95
Method overload resolution in java -0.09
Clickable markers on image (one event listener on whole html collec... -1.45
$1 in regular expression javascript -0.81
Difference between String[] arg and String[] args? -0.61
Can a method be able to return different data types? +0.53
ArrayList containing references to TreeNodes, what is the space com... +0.37
toLowerCase() useless parenthesis? -0.46