An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ed S.

1632.67 (830th)
105,117 (683rd)
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Title Δ
.NET Core 3.1 WebAPI IISExpress Hangs on Debug 0.00
How to split a Filestream into two substreams 0.00
saving to a new folder with counter in MATLAB -0.18
How can I use unmanaged class in managed class? +1.31
Implementing custom object for HashSet 0.00
C# 2D Array not Functioning 0.00
I got a " 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' "... -0.65
TextBlock causes error with InitializeComponent() 0.00
Selective looping? [C++] 0.00
Is there any reason to not turn null check after malloc into a func... -0.87
Finding even numbers by using pointers in c++ +1.01
OutOfMemoryException when filling List<byte> in C# 0.00
C# Image.FromFile and Save on DB Size difference 0.00
How can i view big images using Qt? 0.00
Index was outside the bounds of the array c# -0.19
char* p=NULL, cout<<p; gives exception -0.75
Array of Structs as Function Argument 0.00
cout with function of a class -0.52
Return a dynamic array -0.69
Subtracting from LPVOID 0.00
API Design is it best practice to tell the consumer of an API to al... -0.81
Check if memory was already freed in C +1.59
Null Pointer Exception on Processing 0.00
Casting Linq results does not work as expected -0.16
Linked List pointer printing memory leak +0.89
Error Handling using enum +0.92
How do some C functions accept null parameters? +0.53
How to Determine if a Character Is a Vowel +0.32
Adding a null terminator to a string +2.21
Error in Dealing with Arrays C++ +2.49
How to distinguish a malloced string from a string literal? +1.40
struct producing errors in C +0.33
Error using pointers and dynamic structures 0.00
Get next semicolon after a string in C# +0.33
functions to find the beginning and end of an array +0.80
How do I cast an object to a new instance of an object on one line?... 0.00
C: malloc, structure error +0.32
Masking a C++ Vector with an array of uchar -0.06
Returning a pointer to a struct using dynamic memory allocation +0.89
Is C#/.NET signed integer overflow behavior defined? +0.31
Do you have to initialize a string variable inside a method? +1.45
Visual Studio 2013 won't compile C array declaration 0.00
Read non constant c string into string class 0.00
Why is there a 10 after I print a char array? +0.52
Processing Lists and List.Take() +1.04
C++ pointers prints out the memory address and not numbers -0.16
There is bug in my code that I just can't find -0.69
Why is this printing 0? 0.00
Why won't my file written using fputc terminate? -0.13
Harder investigation of a really strange unexpected result -0.12