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1469.99 (4,519,636th)
848 (177,578th)
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Title Δ
How can I run a task that requires multiple containers? 0.00
How to print only the capture groups of all matches in perl? +1.35
Why does the previous entry in a file get erased once the func is c... 0.00
Unable to put Class into a generic Map 0.00
How to send keyboard function keys to SSH server from java code 0.00
Why does Python 3.8.0 allow to change mutable types from enclosing... -1.90
I have a problem while executing a '.exe' file in git bash +0.03
Trying to read 700k+ of data and the Error "GC Overhead Limit... +1.08
Java versions confusion +0.04
How can I avoid this use of "eval" in Perl? +0.98
How to remove/replace git subtree commit and its merge commit? +0.23
Java stream check results of multiple calls using map 0.00
I don't understand the output of the following Java snippet wit... -0.45
Sorting strings of letters, numbers, and special characters 0.00
Statement always true 0.00
Resetting to previous unpushed comits and pushing them 0.00
What programming language (and IDE) is better suited for the refact... 0.00
How to fix "Refactor this code to use a "static final&quo... -1.81
What is a difference in Java between class B<T> extends A<... 0.00
git “uncheckout” by 'reset --hard' does not produce expecte... 0.00
How can the following assignment be made legal? +1.46
How does Java manage synchronization under the hood? By not suspend... 0.00
Java regex for matching various types of section headers -0.45
replaceAll in groovy no work for long sentence 0.00
Using Java generics to explicitly specify the type of collection re... 0.00
Why do I get java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException here? 0.00
IntelliJ - method reference may change semantics 0.00
How do I simultaneously iterate through a list and a set while pair... -1.63
Sort CSV column values based on headers in perl 0.00
Am I using the 2D Arraylist length function right? 0.00
Completable Future - Using Completable Future I am trying to the da... +0.57
Not getting any output when using filestreams in java 0.00
Day difference between two dates 0.00
Java performance gradually degrades +0.04
Revert Hashmap to previous value 0.00
Convert an array of functions into nested function calls +1.36
How to convert the object which contains multiple array into an arr... -0.45
In java replace the regex with string +1.38
else statement proceeds to execute even if statements are encountered +0.55
StatusUpdate Discord Bot 0.00
How to revert a commit and put changes back to stage -0.53
How to implement a decision matrix in java? 0.00
Java Convert 8 bits string binary representation to byte and back a... 0.00
Print all combinations when input is String vs List<String> i... 0.00
How to replace lines with carriage return in perl? 0.00
How can I convert my SortedSet to a Map with a while loop? 0.00
One constructor with one argument that creates two different objects 0.00
Avoid instantiate Generics without defining the class 0.00
Different List return types on abstract method +0.55
Can't resolve 'Type argument is not within bounds of type-v... 0.00