An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.32 (100,214th)
3,585 (46,722nd)
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Title Δ
Bitbucket workflow 0.00
Git- some how a single branch having two names created how do i mak... 0.00
Merge to master ignoring a bad commit on master 0.00
Track changes of a file in GIT with Visual Studio 0.00
Undo a push and cancel a PR request 0.00
create a master branch after all my work has already been committed... 0.00
Improving branches format in git command line 0.00
Creating a new GIT branch from three branches while leaving them in... -0.00
reverting a git reset soft +1.95
Resolving a merge request locally with a protected branch -0.01
git rebase after branch has been merged into master -1.18
How to git stash show changes to only one files? 0.00
How to find a local branch that is not advanced to a remote branch? +1.27
How can i delete a commit on github which i committed 3 days before... 0.00
How to find out whether a file has been commited with CRLF? 0.00
How Can I resolve this Error Message from Tortoise Git? 0.00
How do I see last commit that a line existed before it was deleted... 0.00
Removing unnamed git branch +0.48
Can you make git apply with a dry run? 0.00
TortoiseGit local branches vs. remote branches at GitHub 0.00
View Git history before a specific commit ID in the current branch 0.00
How to push a branch only if it differs from master? 0.00
Recreate "medium" format to use in git log 0.00
Commit my newly modified code so that it will be patched on the ori... 0.00
display difference between commits as in merge output 0.00
How to turn multiline command output into comma separated string in... -1.74
git log command doesnt show HEAD info 0.00
Git merge only commits within branch -0.46
Terminal should tell me if i have a stash for that branch +1.32
Identify the version (SHA) of the last time a specific file was com... 0.00
git for-each-ref not showing default branch 0.00
How can I find a matching remote branch by name? -0.48
How do Git's @{upstream} and @{push} differ? 0.00
How can I restore a deleted file in a complex git rebase? 0.00
make git command with params 0.00
Create branch from head and commit from previous commit +1.64
Git - undo commit (git reset --soft) does nothing +0.51
What happens to the original commits when we use interactive rebase? 0.00
Question related to my laptop username being the author of commits 0.00
Is it possible to pull/push changes to Git repository that was clon... -1.79
What is difference between git checkout remotes/origin/branch and g... +0.49
How delete a local branch after merging it through a pull request?... 0.00
What happens when we git checkout a commit +0.48
How do i can add master code to development branch -0.01
Git fetch does not show remote branch in for-each-ref 0.00
Consequences of git reset --HARD on a branch that's publicly sh... 0.00
How to copy all changes from the remote origin master branch to a n... +2.42
Best Git strategy to commit multiple stories that requires the comm... 0.00
git diff between master and staged -1.50
How to apply Pull Request locally? +0.10