An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1486.85 (4,455,818th)
692 (209,892nd)
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Title Δ
Bot keeps executing random parts of loop 0.00
import sub-packages or module from directory of 0.00
how to make pip works again? +3.80
Remove reactions to our own messages 0.00
Can I make a custom emoji through the discord bot 0.00
re.findall multiline python -4.74
Need help to split a string by delimiter (and keep the delimiter in... +2.47
Python to execute user input grep commands securely 0.00
Appending to array in object appends to all instances +0.17
slice and remove from list in the same line +4.20
How do i generate a random numbers for each integer in an array? -1.36
Simple Recursion Equation +2.18
Set text on ONLY left and ONLY right side of console 0.00
Sum of frequencies of list of values in an other list -2.88
Counting number of strings within strings in lists +4.18
if statement does not display outcome +5.40
Syntax error: "then" unexpected (expecting "done&quo... +4.39
get a value froma a list of dictionaries 0.00
how rename a multiple files at one go in linux -3.58
Concatenation of Text Files (.txt files) with list in python? -3.86 delete all messages except pin messages +0.38
Change root chmod privileges to r—r—r— 0.00
How import module as class? +4.34 bot cannot ping, can someone show me what to do? 0.00
Program to replace each string with an integer value in a given lis... +4.41
Initialize the first index of a list in Python -3.67
Grabbing 'n' binary bits from end of unsigned int in C? Bit... -0.82 get message from DM 0.00
Exception has occurred: FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or... +4.37
How do I scanf the last two digits in C? -2.71
argparse action menu with variable options -3.70
Remove punctuation from textfile error - Python 3 0.00
Replacing element in list with multiple elements -2.85
how to print from json file using python +4.29
del() vs del statement in python -3.53
Meaning of * operator when used with classes -1.81
Read a file line by line and if line start with digit then add all... -0.85
python remove character regex 0.00
Shebang automatically finding the most recent python 3 version 0.00
i'am trying to make a function that deletes vowels in a string 0.00
Discord bot going offline after a loop 0.00
unix command not working in python subprocess 0.00
Python: recursive method rollbacks changes? +3.78
File importing on python project -1.10
What is `suite` and `else` in Python's for grammar rule? -1.43
Linux rename with a variable character? 0.00
how do i create a username and password system that remembers diffe... +0.19
Python: Function that takes a list and a separator and returns a st... -1.27
Check if object is an instance of a library 0.00
conflicting cases in python lists -2.99