An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1526.17 (21,935th)
1,376 (116,872nd)
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Title Δ
where clause parentheses with comma separated values greater than +1.63
Pass the inserted parameter to a trigger function 0.00
INSERT has more target columns than expressions +1.17
T-SQL. What is better: join then group or group then join 0.00
Do these two postgres expressions give same results? 0.00
Syntax error near "," Updating database rows 0.00
Postgres has a lot of activity going on despite me not doing anything 0.00
Join tables on column where another column is max +0.45
How do you map numbers (salaries) to a range? -0.06
Excel - Off Page Reference to Microsoft Query 0.00
What's the difference between adding PRIMARY KEY constraint on... +0.47
postgres connection through VBA 0.00
Merge three tables in Select query by rule 3, 2, 1 records from eac... -0.08
How do I make a foreign key reference to a specific cell when the p... +0.54
C# and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel Find all cells merged with gi... 0.00
problems with embedding select statement +2.25
PostgreSQL approach to producing nested JSON from a flat set of rec... 0.00
Excel VBA Slow Opening 0.00
Hiding and unhiding rows 0.00
How to compute using the within same column +1.11
subquery in FROM must have an alias POSTGIS 0.00
Get Data From Access Database with Excel VBA -1.09
I do not understand how the 2nd loop has O(i^2)? -1.18
When an employee is deleted delete referenced rows in Works_On and... 0.00
Stopping a PHP loop when updating MySQL database -2.27
sql oracle: get null values when type does not exist -1.48
How do I pivot into generated columns? +4.30
Error handling in Excel VBA connecting to remote MySQL 0.00
autofilter not including all rows when filtering using vba 0.00
vba save excel worksheet with workbook name plus text as a PDF -0.28
Excel - nestle 3 if statements into one each has multiple condition... +5.63
How to select a pivot table data range from another sheet 0.00
Using recursion with a self Foreign key 0.00
How to use cascade update on PK in postgresql 0.00
Importing a JSON file into Postgresql 11 on Windows 10 0.00
multi sql select statement +3.32
Update count in row after Insert 0.00
Query where NOT NULL but only if NOT used as a FK -4.49
How to prevent duplicate insert with insert return in postgres? 0.00
Postgres auto-increment when duplicate key errors occurs 0.00
Nested If statement doesn't return the last 'value if false... 0.00
Recursive query to retrieve all child ids below 0.00
SQL - Set certain columns to null based on condition +0.39
Running Totals for the year +3.56
Postgresql multicolumn index for BETWEEN and ORDER BY 0.00
Count Unique Identifiers by a result in another column +0.24
Why are associative arrays called associative when they are not ass... 0.00
Without using an explicit JOIN operator make multi table sub query... +0.01
Oracle: Pick the row based on a given date +0.04