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1638.36 (696th)
7,771 (20,305th)
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Title Δ
What is the equivalent of decorators with arguments without the syn... -0.13
Python - List index out of range, "for" loop +1.14
Python equivalent of Lua coroutines? 0.00
How to delete a specific line and the following n lines from a txt... -0.68
How to assign values to variables directly through a method instead... +0.31
How to vectorize one hot encoding loop in numpy 0.00
Getting All possible bit combinations of bit-size N 0.00
Convert nested lists to multiple dictionaries 0.00
Returning ASCII codes for strings in a list 0.00
How can I use a comparison operator to filter integers in a diction... -0.39
Swap multiple indices in 2d array 0.00
How do I yield an iterable of different types? 0.00
How could I split a list based on first character of word and put t... +1.41
How to filter a list of tuples (or a list of lists) to remove all v... +1.52
Best way to directly generate a sublist from a python iterator 0.00
Combine single ndarray in certain positions -2.41
Search a list or array for best match to a sublist (by numerical di... -0.77
Search a list or array for best match to a sublist (by numerical di... +0.90
How to print intercept and slope of a simple linear regression in P... 0.00
How to keep unique inner lists within a list of lists by ignoring o... -0.35
List Comprehension Best Practice 0.00
What is difference between the function, @, and method... -0.42
Dynamically reassign __len__ in a custom Python class -0.63
How do i compare two strings containing numbers? -0.01
Make List of Dictionary as a value for key of Dictionary +0.31
Why string.count() not giving correct answer if substring which we... 0.00
add left and right portions of the array symmetrically - python 0.00
Reduce dict based on duplicate list values, regardless order of list 0.00
Multiply all numbers in a range of numbers +0.30
Get value of a key based on a value of a different key in a diction... 0.00
Print is printing all the letters instead of words in reverse alpha... -0.78
How to find next level of dict without knowing key? +1.36
.join() TypeError, 'expected str instance' when passing in... -2.67
Grab string values from dict and make new list 0.00
How to get a list of all values from instance variables in a python... +1.51
Implement a reversible iteration class to replace a generator 0.00
Why does list comprehension sort enumerated indices? +1.89
Confusion between backlash \ and escape \ and the use of \\" +1.57
Why do I need to put dictionary name with key in addtional brackets... 0.00
python shows me only one character instead what I expect why? 0.00
how to change this in a for loop? +0.29
Is writing an if statement on one line acceptable? +0.32
Generate 2 different combinations on the same line? 0.00
Is `pickle.dump(d, f)` equivalent to `f.write(pickle.dumps(d))`? +1.56
Can I save results anyway even when Keyboardinterrupt? 0.00
python groupby and list interaction 0.00
C++ Ambiguity of default constructor and something else. What is th... 0.00
python add multiple arrays together +0.31
subtracting two lists while keeping duplicates -1.64
How to run Python3 on Sublime Text 3 on macOS? +2.43