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Svyatoslav Danyliv

1514.06 (48,461st)
81 (813,908th)
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Title Δ
How to match regular expression on a column for PostgreSQL in EF Co... 0.00
Find if any object having value in Dictnary<string, list<obje... -0.24
Refactor complex IQueryable LINQ into sub methods 0.00
Linq GroupBy query syntax equivalent 0.00
Add entity data model (edmx file) to .net core API 0.00
EF Core GroupBy query throws: could not be translated 0.00
EF core left join from child to parent 0.00
SQL to LINQ (Entity Framework Core) +0.48
Ef core search on child , order on parent 0.00
LINQ equivalent of this subselect +2.14
Best way to execute a method unordered with different parameters ov... -1.60
LINQ error after upgrading .netcore 2.2 to .NET 5 +0.48
Use an Expression<Func> within an Expression<Func> 0.00
Counting relations and getting distinct value -0.11
It's possible to add a custom column with linq2db? 0.00
How do you Left join 'Is Not Null' using linq? -0.11
Performing a join on a group by linq 0.00
Convert Timespan to string in LINQ 0.00
How to loop through dbcontext all dbset in Entity Framework Core to... 0.00
What are the performance implications of BeginTransaction() vs Begi... 0.00
Entity Framework core bulk Extensions: BulkInsertOrUpdate +2.11
How to Combine 2 Result (add Column) from Linq Select into 1 Table... 0.00
Make additional asynchronous call to UserManager<T> after pag... 0.00
Linq-to-entities to normal linq 0.00
Flattening multiple queries into a single one 0.00
Calculated property for model EF Core - Property or Method? +0.47
Convert Sql Statement to Entity Framework Core -0.01
C# Linq to SQL is contains safe for sql injections 0.00
How should i handle LINQ internal exceptions? 0.00
Using 'OR' inside a LinQ join query (adapting SQL into LinQ) 0.00
Need Help for Join tables in Linq on ASP.NET Core +0.49
How to select the least count of items in fluent nHibernate via a l... -0.01
How to find out how many EF Core queries are executed during an req... +0.49
How to convert sql to LINQ combine LEFT JOIN, WHERE, GROUP BY and S... 0.00
Convert SQL Request to linq query c# (left outer join and inner join) 0.00
c# 2D array - merging Values 0.00
LINQ double INNER JOIN on query translation when using selectMany 0.00
Sql Query with not in clause of subquery to LINQ query -0.84
Java client, C# server, how to handle receiving a list 0.00
Order by enum names on sql server 0.00
How do I use LINQ group by clause to return unique employee rows? +0.49
EF Core - complex query +1.49
Order by dynamic parameter 0.00
C# LINQ value substitution -1.01
Function in linq select +2.38
Ternary operator add or not where conditions in linq -0.52
Is there a way to query properties, by name, of a DbSet, by name? 0.00
How to append expressions in linq? 0.00
Getting "could not be translated. Either rewrite the query in... 0.00
EntityFrameworkCore GroupBy Select FirstOrDefault() SystemInvalidOp... -1.95