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1498.27 (3,673,942nd)
572 (240,923rd)
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Title Δ
File path incorrect after moving Magento 0.00
Magento Add To Cart button sends me to a blank screen 0.00
Magento - Display Wishlist button to registered users only 0.00
How to get Base URL along with href -1.01
Magento free shipping not working 0.00
How can I customize Magento's checkout cart item template by catego... +4.07
Magento Layout update not loading 0.00
What is the Compiler Status in magento? +3.53
Deleting a global attribute through phpMyAdmin in Magento 0.00
Magento grid column change align to center in number type 0.00
Will a variable in a php file accessable by other php files? -1.20
Magento - Exception when customer tries to print order 'Invalid met... 0.00
How can I extract the core of a Wordpress Theme and transfer / reco... -3.97
creating git repositories from live [wordpress,magento] sites, igno... 0.00
Setting Locale for email template in Magento 0.00
Given one div being fixed width, how do I make another div sit besi... -0.09
Get report from a the result using MYSQL +0.11
WordPress Loop Error 0.00
Modifying .hover() after using .addClass() on the same element -2.62
Unable to submit in contact us (magento 1.7 ) +0.01
Refusing to install sqlite3 as a dependency of itself -1.40
CSS transition on links with images only -2.76
last gasp with MySQL character encoding, strange characters -0.30
Cannot access Wordpress wp-admin after changing site URL 0.00
Different screen orientations with the same css file +4.02
How to create centered image slideshow behind website content -0.11
Why is Magento 1.4 including javascript files by filesystem path? 0.00