An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1476.41 (4,507,903rd)
115 (656,765th)
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Title Δ
Using Javascript (VanillaJS) to add a click event and show/hide nex... -2.03
How to preserve newlines in a textarea when passing by POST? -3.40
Aligning items center within grid columns +4.26
Trying to show an input from html using javascript -1.84
PHP - Bot Telegram sends message to Channel and Reply in the Chat 0.00
Trimming arrays to remove whitespace in Javascript +4.40
Calling text from a different php file -3.82
how to add fields with increased number in name to a form using jav... -3.27
Where to add span tag that separates the content +2.23
Fetch JSON and display HTML table +4.41
javascript tests if the entered character string starts with an alp... -3.60
Enable Disabled Button if Input is not empty -3.79
How to center list items with flexbox? +0.08
CSS Grid nested inline-grid issue 0.00
Change the color of an element according to its value by CSS -1.77
Html and javascript code Concatenation problem -3.78
How can I use phpmailer without composer 0.00
how to use .addEventListener when clicking an image and counting th... -1.05
CSS Grid - Grid template not expanding full height +4.55
CSS table - separate rows with tiny line -3.59
PHP Count Up Variable Names +5.19
Adding a class to all elements within a for loop -3.17
Can't find the position of the last occurrence of a substring +2.27
Javascript simple function for selecting element and deselecting al... -0.75
javascript add text to multiple elements +5.25
Go back browser button action +4.32
HTML Event Handler when Required Digits is Typed +0.44
2 side by side divs of different height aligned +5.25
How can I insert array data to a file? 0.00
How to target and style a word between two characters within a stri... +1.99
Using flex to horitzontally align an image and text -4.17
How to create a page specific link 0.00
PHP get the content after each h2 tag -3.60
Reset function by button +4.15
How can I make this CSS card responsive? +4.38
Render metadata above text with css -1.45
setting bounce email for phpmailer 0.00
Adding API output to HTML page +4.41
Tooltip box showing upwards instead of bottom -0.58
Vertically center inline-blocks elements in header -1.61
Is it possible to run PHP code on second click on a button and not... -3.65
Is there a reliable selector that can select elements based on styl... -2.50
Simple Script For On/Off Switch Not Working +2.05
CSS: Should I write Flex-Direction Row? -3.71
How to create a tooltip only when ellipsis is active ? I want the s... -3.74
How can I make the children of a container that uses flexbox stay o... -3.04
Update input fields one at a time without page refresh +0.18
Site is way too wide in screen-mode -3.82
add class name in different li by pure javascript -2.51
How can I get a background image displayed behind content? +0.22