An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1440.50 (4,534,431st)
1,787 (92,933rd)
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Title Δ
How to set fancybox height and width? +0.97
Ignore Empty instances of File upload With Zend Framework ? File no... -3.55
Highcharts 3.0 version changes in exporting options? -3.20
Highcharts exporting error? +0.24
Any Charts available for Windows Phone 8 0.00
avoid user to log in in different browsers or system -0.75
What is the right way to handle $_POST data in MVC? +0.65
PHPMail sending attachment but they are empty -2.43
Uploading docx file in Zend Framework with mime type fails? -3.49
3 level Drilldown of a column chart in highchart? 0.00
Can not upload files > 3 mb -0.89
Filling array with jQuery and PHP 0.00
Reverse a string with php +1.35
Can't connect to MS web service via PHP's SoapClient 0.00
Best book to learn wordpress for a beginner who knows php -4.00
Problems with PHP explode +0.48
Exact count of all rows in MySQL database -3.57
PHP ternary conditional. Yes or no and why? -3.71
Putting images in emails using PHPMailer +4.32
Redirect user after session_write and setcookie 0.00
Retrieving URL folder name from string +2.32
PHP form validation error -1.25
php/javascript application with HTML5 -1.59
Cannot modify header 0.00
About header error in PHP +0.44
PHP - Calling functions with multiple variables -2.75
Identify duplicate entry for user, MySQL & PHP -3.61
Modify an array by reference -3.73
Using PHP variable from one include into another -3.79
PHP: Most Efficient Way to Track if a User is Online? -0.97
Get directory of website on the filesystem using PHP +0.73
comparing array value from multidimensional array with index +0.28
How to automatically delete all the records of a table when a sessi... -3.76
Opencart image upload make filename safe -4.04
jQuery - Drag and drop List reordering +4.22
One Scroll Bar for three option or select areas -3.82
PHP best orm in terms of performance? -3.77
How can i display all the data from a table? -3.89
Covert digit to x.xx format in php -3.25
How to display search details after search button is clicked? -0.26
Pagination of records from MySQL Database 0.00
Is it better to include() or to call functions? -2.43
PHP Email Form, Executes but Only Sends to 'Some' Email Services -1.95
Algorithims book in JavaScript or PHP -0.19
How to hide a menu item for a certain language in joomla? 0.00
Need help finding error in simple php +1.86
How to make a full page JS and CSS menu -4.01
passing multiple WSDL header variables to SOAP server -2.32
php soap client for uk mail webservice api? -4.06