An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1517.85 (35,638th)
420 (309,387th)
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Title Δ
Join two associative array based on key using PHP 0.00
How do I combine javascript variables into a object 0.00
Bootstrap 4 alert permanently closed with a cookie 0.00
how to hide specific table row with jquery? 0.00
How to create a 'add more' feature in HTML forms 0.00
displaying respective html page based on database id? 0.00
How to remove recommended data from Input box in html 0.00
Adding HTML codes inside PHP 0.00
HTML CSS 2 radio buttons toggle style 0.00
Creating a product page for each specific item 0.00
How to fix navigation bar -4.31
Creating contact form with bottom bordered elements +3.63
How do I place a Google recaptcha in my website successfully? 0.00
Stop scrolling while viewing a modal 0.00
How to include external CDN library? +3.82
How can I pull title of current page into a URL/src? +3.98
How to not let dark mode on phone affect my website? 0.00
HTML select form custom value entered unexpectedly 0.00
My JavaScript file is linked, but JavaScript code is not working -0.36
Why doesn't my footer's position stay at the bottom when an... +3.66
make query in mysql to count member -4.08
SMTP NOTICE: EOF caught while checking if connected 0.00
How to select the items with foreign keys? 0.00
Value of Data-id to be value of parent element 0.00
convert array into json using php , and retrive json using jquery o... -0.11
How do you make an updatable NavBar? -0.14
Positioning Two Things Next To each other header +3.77
Query with WHERE clause not working using mysqli bind_param() +3.89
Creating a flexbox navbar with a logo in the center and list items... +4.10