An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1510.31 (68,628th)
1,988 (84,290th)
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Title Δ
reformat list string with spaces -1.35
Linux command to extract specific terms in a line 0.00
Negative lookahead with awk or sed not possible but only perl suppo... +3.60
bash: treat all arguments as a single string param 0.00
How can I edit a script that calls find to search from a location p... 0.00
Bash shell script: recursively cat TXT files in folders +3.95
Calling a command variable on Bash -0.26
regex locate a place and replace the content found to another place... 0.00
Groovy sh command is not including quotes in my echo command 0.00
space issue using sed command -0.33
Editting ubiquity /temp/system.cfg file 0.00
Script that replaces all "*.html" file names with "*... -2.93
How to read all text file with head linux command? -0.14
Amend perl script so that words are matched on a word for word basis 0.00
List only Red Hat satellite child channel,per base channel 0.00
Perl: grep unique value from a variable +0.32
Bash script result +2.98
Run a script with different input files 0.00
What regex expression will match this string: <<<random te... +4.09
Prepare command line arguments in a variable -3.14
Problems using sed escaping characters +2.46
Creating a sequence of unique random digits -3.30
Split file using awk at pattern -4.57
How to list only files in first level subdirectories in Unix +0.73
Using Perl PCRE, I am having difficulty selecting and extracting te... -0.33
Bash regular expression, multiple criteria +0.08
Remove linux file named with set of shell responsive characters -2.57
Bash check if $var is in number range -2.48
Perl: how to compare array to hash and print out results 0.00
Regex to get information of comma seperated column list by alias +3.61
Replace new line character between double quotes with space +2.53
Check which string in certain column is repeated -1.01
unix home directories without entries in /etc/passwd +2.47
Command to print the output in a row format +0.10
GREP with wildcard, but exclude a specific term and return file name +4.34
Count occurrences with grep -0.74
How to check differences in bash and other shell profiles +3.90
echo combinations with special character as elements +1.58
prevent newline in cut command -0.24
Replace a word stored in a variable +0.07
Using Regexp in perl to pull information betwee two values +4.25
Run a script on multi cores and parallel processing -1.80
Print line if contains only one string (two files) +3.83
Regex matching of substrings separated by max N words +4.20
Shell or Perl script / How to sort group members in /etc/group? -0.40
Parsing of ip address from netstat output on MacOS with awk +0.64
linux: get a script to be able to ask the user for a file name then... +2.26
Unix utility which executes a command and tests its exit status -1.42
sed regular expression query -2.38
Export quote character to variable 0.00