An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Niklas Rosencrantz

1372.27 (4,191,351st)
7,458 (21,273rd)
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Title Δ
Save a password on a .txt file, to replace it later, if already exi... 0.00
VSCode pytest test discovery fails 0.00
How to create a distributable RESTful API in python for a database? +0.68
Serverless Framework with AWS cognito generates CORS error -0.07
How to add Method Response in serverless.yml 0.00
How read data from a JSON arry object in Javascript -0.34
CS50 Pset1 Cash error "expected identifier or '('"... +0.60
How can I get the max value of this array to print? +0.66
Import YAML in flask -0.33
How do I create a Django web application with an HTML/CSS/JS fronte... 0.00
How do I create the necessary function for this multidimensional ar... +0.67
Stack execution in C -0.34
Trouble getting my node.js server to listen with 0.00
Cannot run AWS Lambda using snowflake-connector -0.33
Cannot connect to internet from docker container +0.68
Custom sorting for ArrayList +0.68
How to display datetime field with a certain format 0.00
How to print even and odd string from string of numbers? -0.02
Is it possible to create an object with a space in python? 0.00
Can't include more than one input in webapp2 form 0.00
Can anyone explain this C program code? (in simple) 0.00
How do i Replace every n-th character x from an String +0.89
OR operation can't calculate original value? +0.67
Java guessing game : need to improve -0.32
trying to upload photo using html python and google app engine 0.00
Sum of elements in a C array +2.49
Improving code in C +0.98
How to build a App and ask for pin just in the first time that the... 0.00
React navigation state.params not working -1.36
Troubleshoot apk file -0.33
Collision detection between ImageViews -0.34
How can I replace one variable's array with another? -0.72
How do I create Heroes of Might and Magic like combat in libgdx? 0.00
How to write a recursive Java method to print a triangle of numbers 0.00
Need help understanding binary conversion in Python -0.66
How to add a zero in front of an integer value -0.06
What should be the first step to move Angular? +0.70
Unsuccessful installation of Oracle java package 0.00
Converting while loop from C to MIPS 0.00
structs: just need some clarification +0.16
Is scrolling a textview impossible? -0.49
Python - If row more than, do something +0.02
How to create an auto-reply bot to an expecific user on twitter 0.00
Preventing bots from accessing website hosted on GCloud 0.00
Web host without template with email service? 0.00
Interactive Video using Python 0.00
HTML automatization script 0.00
404 Using Cron Jobs on App Engine 0.00
Redirect not working using Python and Flask to build a user registr... 0.00
Google Cloud Platform: are my architectural solutions correct? -1.08