An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1484.57 (4,473,707th)
806 (185,044th)
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Title Δ
php "count()" function and DB -4.23
Neural-network (with Jeff Heaton's Encog) to mimic computer memory 0.00
OK, so I'm not a beginner anymore. What comes next? -3.38
IE Conditional Comments: lt IE 7 = lte IE 6? -2.04
best way to find end of body tag in html +3.92
What scripting language should I learn for file/text manipulation t... -3.14
JQuery UI disabling reorder in sortable lists 0.00
window.onbeforeunload detect if POST or GET 0.00
Why is using tables for website layout such an evil -2.68
good php framework to run on a budget web host? -3.89