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Rating Stats for

Azhar Khorasany

1424.69 (4,190,802nd)
2,281 (73,376th)
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Title Δ
Entity not updating using Code-First approach 0.00
Func<HttpRequestMessage> related Mocking Questions for Unit T... 0.00
Parallel FileEnumeration incl Top Directory 0.00
Application Insights Live Metrics with ASP.Net MVC and Web Api +0.41
Unwanted attribute in code-first .NET database 0.00
Insert data in 1 table with data from 2 others -0.40
Grouping and nesting list with LINQ -0.39
C# convert substring with no value to 0 -0.88
Merge two columns in var variable in one column using EF6 -1.22
Why can't I cast this interface to a concrete class? +0.27
Get Linq Value Using Two SQL Tables 0.00
Linq To Entity string to int conversion in order by +0.22
TransactionScope TransactionInDoubtException in EntityFramework 0.00
EF6 - ExecuteSqlCommandAsync - Get return parameter (declare scalar... 0.00
Get the base class type +0.58
EF - Saving Parent Entity with Child 0.00
DropDownListFor doesn't select value when first element from collec... -0.71
How Can I get a value from a base class that has been declared as a... -0.95
Handling multiple $.ajax calls simultaneously in .ashx -0.71
How to remove LAST INSTANCE of a character from a string +2.23
Oracle sql setting integer +0.30
ComboBoxes not getting populated from stored procedure +0.60
issues with a large sql query -0.44
How can I optimize these two code snippits that does DB operations,... -1.55
Populate Listbox from a table having a XML column +2.22
Iterative deletion of controls in a container -0.94
How can I add xml attributes with different prefixes/namespaces in... +2.45
naming of ViewModel +0.61
Library or app to dynamically compare two dbs and suggest transform... 0.00
"NullReferenceException was unhandled" when Assigning Dat... +0.08
Design pattern for aggregation/gathering from different sources -0.41
SQLDependency Fails when SQL query compares Datetime +0.61
Remove/Add items to/from a list while iterating it -0.87
How to make a foreign key in T-SQL to null +0.77
Why my webservice method is not updating its parameters in the wsdl? +0.11
correct name for a method -0.40
Create a Singleton Factory for a Class that takes parameters / argu... -0.40
Merging two System.Xml.XmlDocuments +0.11
If statement targetting string -1.55
Class or Enum structure for control types and codes +0.61
Variable not being seen in C# code +0.36
Getting Data from SQL and putting in a list +0.08
Best way to create a list of lines with different background colours 0.00
App Config Modification not reflected in code -0.69
Convert a dataGridView colum to checkbox column +0.13
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'Boolean Contains[In... -1.90
SQL exception unhandled , invalid object name 0.00
Which approach gives better performance to get results from a helpe... +0.11
Workaround for inheriting from multiple classes? +1.75
Error in loading xml file in XmlDocument -1.85