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Valdir Stumm Junior

1540.38 (11,338th)
3,083 (54,651st)
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Title Δ
Python, API testing: assertion failed, but Actual and Expected seem... 0.00
Correct usage of lambda functions with Pycodestyle 0.00
NameError: name is not defined Scrapy 0.00
Get output of document.write in scrapy +3.47
Href not visible in scrapy result but visible in html 0.00
How to send another request and get result in scrapy parse function? 0.00
Scrapy get result in shell but not in script 0.00
How to determine a bug in a Scrapy item loader implementation? 0.00
Getting the current url page ref scrapy -4.58
filtering item in scrapy pipeline +3.07
Get every value after certain characters 0.00
Scrapy - Disable Selenium after first request 0.00
How to print the first letter of a string, then the first and secon... -1.65
Why is the print() function not echoing to console? 0.00
loop inside "THIS" selector with xpath, scrapy 0.00
python scrapy can't see scraped data on console 0.00
Scrapy Selector attribute 0.00
Scrapy + Python + Xpath : Xpath returns an empty list 0.00
Copy data from a dynamic website using scrapy +3.56
problem passing Response from selenium to scrapy 0.00
Scrapy: Difference between simple spider and the one with ItemLoader +3.61
Scrapy custom settings 0.00
How to get the hostname of the request? 0.00
HTTP Response code for each URL while scraping through Scrapy 0.00
Use URLs scraped from a webpage with BeautifulSoup 0.00
How to scrape the items loaded via a "view more" button u... 0.00
How to extract Javascript variables from a script tag in a Scrapy r... 0.00
Scrapy - basic scraper example returns no output 0.00
My scrapy script doesn't seem to be calling the parse_item method 0.00
How to simplify this python script? 0.00
How get href with a special src in child div in Python Scrapy 0.00
Error while installing Scrapy: path not specified 0.00
File input to scrapy giving issues 0.00 and portia regex url patterns 0.00
Passing xPath translate function in Scrapy not working for special... 0.00
Install Scrapy-Deltafetch: Can't find local Berkeley DB 0.00
Working with load more request with scrapy python +3.84
how to configure IP adresse form France in Crawlera? 0.00
Where is item returned to when I yield an item while scraping data... 0.00
Scrapy/Python - How deal with missing data? 0.00
Scrapy Project with Multiple Spiders - Custom Settings Ignored 0.00
How do I use the depth value from DepthMiddleware? 0.00 - Can it replace Kimonolabs +3.67
Scrapy : Parse text between breakpoints 0.00
Within a Scrapy bot, I cannot increment a global variable (but can... 0.00
Execute from python shell +3.73
Include a form for a related object in a modelform in Django -0.34
Modifying a model object using custom field values from ModelForm -4.32
Make the first letter uppercase inside a django template -4.53
Python: Local variables mysteriously update Global variables -3.01