An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.58 (4,422,532nd)
50 (1,048,110th)
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Title Δ
Embed Github Gists in the Blazor Web assembly component 0.00
EF Core ignores owned entity column in entity update when the entit... 0.00
Blazor Webassembly shows wrong time in UI 0.00
Missed semicolon error when running a gulp task with tailwind and b... 0.00
Fail to deploy to Github Pages - Blazor webassembly using GitHub Ac... 0.00
STUFF doesn't work well with NULL Values and Grouping +4.48
EF Core 3.1 does not allow Contains search on Enum property 0.00
Error Loading Self Signed Certificate on Azure App Service with lin... 0.00
How to deserialize 422 unprocessable entity error model and bind th... -3.84
Swashbuckle makes all route parameter mandatory for endpoints with... 0.00
How to document a wrapped response to be displayed in swagger ui us... 0.00
Grouping and Versioning not working well together in swagger in asp... 0.00
The OpenIddict ASP.NET Core server cannot be used as the default sc... -0.07
how to make Intersection Observer to replicate bootstrap scroll spy... 0.00
How to handle window or body onscroll in Blazor server side? +0.08
how to capture window.onscroll in server side blazor to imitate boo... 0.00
Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise automatically adds COMPLUS_ForceENC e... 0.00
How to post array as form data in Angular Typescript 0.00
Why isnt jquery setting my display css value? -0.27
.net core not connecting to the changed database in appsettings.jso... -2.21
How to conditionally map/ignore properties based on user role in Au... 0.00
Base Class Validations are not getting triggered with Fluent Valida... 0.00
How to deploy cshtml files in core -2.97
How to store the api list and authorization key in the appsetting f... 0.00
ASP.NET CORE 2.2 authorization error redirect page -3.28
JQuery Ajax to Fetch Conversion clarificartions 0.00
Entity Framework Core Owned Type Value Object throws required Prima... 0.00
EF Core with Sqlite Memory Database for testing throws "Collec... 0.00
unable to update user via UserManager<TUser> using ef core 2.... 0.00
System.MissingMethodException: 'Method not found: 'Void Mic... -1.32
checkbox column selection issue in tabulator.js 0.00
recursive function fails to get the expected result in c# 0.00
How to Mock AutoMapper IConfigurationProvider in x-unit unit testin... 0.00
async/await example not working. What am I doing wrong -1.01
Jquery DataTables with both horizontal and vertical scroll makes br... 0.00