An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1661.43 (411th)
3,797 (44,215th)
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Title Δ
How to treat List<Task<T>> polymorphically to handle ex... +2.04
Avoiding code duplication when writing fluent-style API using inter... 0.00
C# Cast object to IEnumerable<T> and use Linq extensions when... 0.00
I am stuck in my while loop with elapsed time of a timer as condition +0.33
Negating the 'is' operator with a variable only works with... 0.00
Combining (some) Unicode nonspacing marks with associated letters f... 0.00
Implement interface but having different property names 0.00
Struggling with a nested Expression Tree in C# -0.71
How is such IndexOutOfRangeException possible when debugger shows t... 0.00
Complete a task when an event fires 0.00
FluentAssertions Should().BeEquivalentTo() fails in trivial case wh... -0.55
Why am I receiving an "Unassigned Local Variable" Error? -0.15
Algorithm listing all possible timespans within a timespan 0.00
Fix possible null warning 0.00
Is there a way to map Func<T1, bool> to Func<T2, bool>? +1.22
Remove cast operations in expression tree 0.00
How can I change System.Text.Encoding.Default? +0.29
C# override base class property in generic class +0.32
C# Use Expression to get value from an object 0.00
Getting issue when convert c# code to PHP as below 0.00
LINQ to XML Elements() and Descendants() yielded no results even th... 0.00
Different behaviour of Newtonsoft.Json on .NET 5 / Core and .NET Fr... 0.00
Placeholder in constructor chaining? 0.00
Replace partial string with special characters in -0.67
Multiple cases in switch statement with same alias +1.39
Argument not assignable due to contravariance 0.00
File.WriteAllLines not working in C# (Visual Studio 19) +0.32
Changing from MemoryStream to Stream in C# 0.00
How to perform a minimal-allocation conversion of 'Memory<T&... -0.78
Creating 1bbp BMP looks pretty bad 0.00
Minimize Base64 0.00
How .cs-files detected for inclusion in the new .csproj SDK format? 0.00
Difference in nullability of reference types error when building wi... 0.00
Change a ternary conditional operator to regular if else statement +0.27
Issue in reading Gzip file in C# +1.99
Compressing with GZIP in c# and decompressing in python fails 0.00
Is it possible to implement a method that clones an object and appl... -0.37
In C#, is it possible to create and apply a Dictionary of instance... 0.00
LINQ: Enumerable.Distinct is the order specified or guaranteed? +1.08
Bit isn't on as expected 0.00
HashSet on collections of objects 0.00
The purpose of using generic methods where generic is some base class -1.06
Coordinates of perpendicular points +0.11
How to make correctly endless console app .NET Core 3.1 for Ubuntu... -2.42
How to check variable type in one line, inside creation block in C# 0.00
HttpWebRequest one url, two target ip 0.00
Dapper and list parameters return Incorrect syntax near ',' +0.29
C# - cascade of "not null" conditions +0.29
Dealing with "convert to object" in a MemberExpression 0.00
Invert and flatten a dictionary using LINQ -2.58