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Adrian Mole

1589.58 (2,336th)
14 (1,794,190th)
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Title Δ
Are pointers declared inside struct/class initialized to nullptr by... +1.34
How do I put this if-else statement from the while, in a for loop? -0.80
Changing decimal dot to a comma +1.99
C++ std::vector with values from multiple classes -0.51
Formatting spacing with the printf function C -0.63
C-Arithmetics and precedence +0.92
How do I set combobox's background color on selected item? 0.00
Byte packing for WinAPI STARTUPINFO 64 bit (QB64) 0.00
Using Scanf() for taking input for both string and integer 0.00
How are variable values stored in C? -1.33
How do these two conditions differ? 0.00
what does mean this exception ? format %d expects argument of type... -0.22
Use fgetc to get the number of rows in C 0.00
Incompatible types when assigning to type 'char[100][100]'... 0.00
Is "pointer to const int" same as " const int* " -2.14
Reversing Decimal to Binary Conversion Result +0.37
Pointer to pointer assignment and dereference in C++ +0.90
CS50 Mario, code will compile but wont do anything 0.00
How to OnInitDialog every CPropertyPage in MFC? +1.31
What is the difference between the following two code snippets? 0.00
I can not access to if statement in c 0.00
Function that returns an array used multiple times gives same value... +0.37
i got error in this code expected ';', ',' or '... 0.00
Why the size of this structure is same irrespective of the order of... -0.94
How to allocate and deallocate an array of function pointers and ke... 0.00
Memcpy in C - Using arrays in for loops then assigning to a struct -1.01
Find common element using recursive and return as vector 0.00
Debugging a simple function -2.11
Explain why this parameter is a pointer in a class method? +0.37
-Wsign-conversion error when getting index for vector 0.00
Is MAX_PATH enough to hold the path from GetSystemDirectory()? 0.00
MFC: Have CDockablePane receive ON_NOTIFY_REFLECT messages for a CT... 0.00
Why fpclassify() macro is defined in math.h and not in float.h? -1.19
Compound assignment in C++ -0.86
Why does the "~" operator on a char result in more bytes? 0.00
std::random - On Windows always I get the same numbers 0.00
Comparing occurrences of characters in a string C++ +1.21
Can I use "using" instead of "typedef" for a po... 0.00
Converting a for loop into a while loop with post-increment +0.37
Get a problem when make a hangman game ? ( c language) 0.00
C strcpy() to a Pointer? How does this work? +1.48
Sorting a const char* array of strings in C - Exercise -0.95
Why can't I check the sizeof a struct in C? (undeclared error) 0.00
Why does using two getline function together, second one doesn'... +2.08
Is it possible to copy wchar_t* strings to vector as a new string o... 0.00
Detecting CTRL inside CEdit::OnChar and testing nChar value? 0.00
C++ cout prints entire contents of 2D char array +1.99
Why use the keyword 'const' twice in a class member functio... 0.00
Why does CreateWindow in 64-bit Visual Studio C destroy itself on c... -1.95
c initialize array and structs at the same time -1.64