An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1511.74 (57,922nd)
19,978 (6,818th)
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Title Δ
Best and safe practice to get value from Option type? 0.00
How should the cloned sheep type be constructed +1.28
Fill background of ggplot conditionally in R +2.29
How to customize bin graph in R 0.00
How to refer to "this" in an implicit method 0.00
Verbose List Comprehension in Haskell +0.48
Breadth-first search with spiral ordered list of coordinates in Has... 0.00
Build a class instance from elements in a list +0.54
Scala list with same adjacent values +0.50
Is there anyway to automate (manual)R code for calculation of P val... -0.47
Is there a way to do something only in non-recursive function? -0.95
How to restrict a method only to being used with a specific type? -0.18
How do I get the value out of a Future in Scalaz? -0.05
Mixing getOrElse with forall -0.21
Splitting List into List of List -0.70
Convert for loop to functional style +1.44
How can I train artificial intelligence for background removing on... 0.00
Set slope to 1 and y-intercept to 0 in linear regression to prune o... 0.00
how to arrange ggplots created from a for loop +0.21
Bayesian Network creating conditional probability table (CPT) 0.00
How does scalac mark compiled files? -1.17
How to avoid type argument erasure +0.17
Is it wrong to give the unit back? -1.84
Do variables in Bayesian Networks have to be Boolean? +1.90
create a scala command line application 0.00
Scala Cats Pure on List with Multiple Items 0.00
Finding a map in list/vector of maps in Scala -2.17
Dynamic inheritance in Scala -0.65
Dynamic inheritance in Scala -0.65
Dynamic inheritance in Scala -0.65
Efficient building of Set in Scala, without o(n^2), if I know there... +0.66
The purpose of functors +0.26
Group a Scala list by custom logic -0.25
Scala: generic weighted average function +0.48
Writing SBT variable to resource +0.50
How to summarize lists in Scala? 0.00
How to get Map default value if it exist -0.18
Generating nested data structures in a HList-like style 0.00
Can i teach Arduino Uno with AI ? so it will work for me as robot 0.00
Profiling Scala code for Spark 0.00
Bayesian Network Probability For Child Node 0.00
Can non-persistent data structures be used in a purely functional w... -1.49
Group elements in a list by range Scala +1.40
Scala Either : simplest way to get a property that exists on right... -1.72
How to replicate histograms from ggplot code -0.52
understanding why future result with for comprehension yields Futur... +0.46
How to join two lists in Scala? +1.86
Continuous state events with State Monad 0.00
why we need Free monad to interpret Action to Future 0.00
Convert Future[List[String]] to List[String] -2.36