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Martin Beckett

1486.46 (4,334,440th)
82,156 (996th)
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Title Δ
what is the difference between runtime and speed of an algorithm? 0.00
OpenCV findContours works only intermittently +2.14
Why doesn't gethostbyname() fail on non-existing host names? -1.32
Using OpenCV to Solve for Transform between non planar object Point... 0.00
difference between static and dynamic declarations of 2D arrays -1.33
Python OpenCV - get coordinates of borders of elements inside an im... +0.02
How to copy cv::Mat & Img to unsigned char* img?opencv +0.01
How to write header file if the function uses OPENCV Mat as an input? 0.00
Calculating contour vertices for vector<Point2f> point cloud... 0.00
How to assign a fix number to cameras 0.00
opencv - Polyline and rectangle intersection 0.00
Unable to load image using imread() -0.71
UMat is slow (OpenCV, Python) +0.52
c++ remove duplicate values from a vector without sorting -1.64
How to imwrite actual GaussianBlur in OpenCV? 0.00
Opencv for python 3.5.2 0.00
How to find area of a curve in python where coordinates are not kno... -0.45
Errors processing large images with SIFT OpenCV +0.51
Keeping third party libraries separate from program executable 0.00
Passing arguments to a python program +0.51
Wrike API using Python +0.53
C Programming. Using fopen fclose for text file operations 0.00
how to install opencv and run first program in anaconda3 5.0.0 pyth... 0.00
Why can't I assign a value to the name `_i` in iPython? -0.40
Start application even if DLL isn't found? -2.13
image restoration,CT scan,closed curve, +1.97
Python3.6 - saving big array to file +0.52
Optimizing Sieve of Eratosthenes -1.52
How do I properly use "using namespace foo?" -1.68
OpenCV frame blending only results in blue -0.49
Make a pause between images display in openCV +0.42
How to convert the "root mean squared" to the "stand... 0.00
Improve HoughLines for horizontal lines detect (Python, OpenCV) -0.53
Python Opencv MJPG compression? +1.97
Using Canny edge to create a mask - updated -0.51
How to send OpenCV Mat throught socket 0.00
Where does PyQT call these methods? 0.00
Trouble when using OpenGL .obj normals -1.64
What's the meaning of the params x,y,z,w in function cudaCreate... -0.50
openCV (the function is not implemented) 0.00
Visualizing a 3d numpy array of 1's and 0's -1.13
why is the garbage value for an integer so un-integerly huge -1.27
Is it necessary that default python should be python3.6 to download... +0.51
Opening a file in c to read +0.51
Error while setting up openCV in VS2015 0.00
Why OpenCV return strange value for pixel intensity? +0.50
C++ - DWORD Decimal to DWORD Hexadecimal 0.00
How to access (copy) specific elements of Mat in OpenCV? +0.01
Meshlab Retrieve alignment matrix 0.00
OpenCV circle like shape detection and its area -2.19