An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.37 (4,301,862nd)
722 (200,495th)
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Title Δ
Easymock.expect throws IllegalStateException +4.17
Unable to run a Spark Scala JAR on GCP Dataproc +4.22
Scala: reduce{_+_} returning negative value because value too high 0.00
ConfigFactory ParseFile resolve with Variable Substitution with a J... +0.24
How to render excel file from dynamic result set in Play framework... 0.00
Sbt update shows Server access Error: +4.06
scala traits mixin order and super call +0.48
Scala Slick lambdas throwing compiler error 0.00
Akka intercepting receive with stackable behavior -3.97
How useful will JDBC be in an event-driven program? -3.82
Compilation failed: error while loading AnnotatedElement, Concurren... 0.00
How to clean up "a type was inferred to be `Any`" warning? -0.10
Implicit FromRequestUnmarsharell not found 0.00
Rewrite an older akka custom Router in akka 2.3? 0.00
Play2 server to server communication -3.82
How to send an Akka actor shutdown message from controller in play... 0.00
Does Scala offer a way to "proxy" or "decorate"... -4.02
How to create a play.api.libs.iteratee.Enumerator which inserts som... -3.99
Finding Java memory leak when not all used heap is reachable from t... -3.68
Dynamic vs XML layout in Android? +1.39
Character encoding error, cannot write valid XML from MySQL via PHP -1.80