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1530.94 (17,278th)
71 (845,471st)
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Title Δ
Importing an unmanaged dll and copying the pointer to a byte array... 0.00
Ada listing files.... what are the right compiler in GNAT to get th... 0.00
How to get gnatmake to create a mapfile for an Ada .dll? 0.00
Dynamic stack analysis and OS_Exit 0.00
Error when compiling with the "GPR" dependency 0.00
SPARK-Ada Using GNATProve to Assume a Postcondition of a GCC Intrin... 0.00
Is there a Libadalang function that works similarly to Traverse_Con... 0.00
Create generic constrained array type in SPARK Ada 0.00
Custom condition failure messages in Ada 2012 0.00
"Taking on a Challenge in SPARK Ada" - Sum ghost function... +3.64
How do I change the working directory in Ada? 0.00
How do you call an external program in Ada? +3.76
How do you call an external program in Ada? -4.24
Passing a C-styled integer array to an Ada function to retrieve the... +3.38
Is this a bug with UTF conversion in GNAT Ada +1.08
ADA - Searching a directory with a pattern - not returning as it sh... 0.00
How to read yaml file in Ada -1.98
Ada - Function within a package. Error says the package should end... 0.00
How to create a local ADA Library with GPS? +3.77
Ada program to detect an end of line +3.64
undefined reference to 'do_varargs' with gnat 0.00
Ada GNATprove Command_Line.Argument precondition fail +0.36
How do you check if string ends with another string in Ada? +1.81
Drawing a book's cover with folds (Ada) -2.83
Package bodies and main programs. Simple assignment (Ada) -2.06
Drawing a flag with diagonal crosses in a V-Shape (ADA) -1.48
How do I query PostgreSQL within GNAT CE 2019 0.00
How to use Ada doubly linked lists +1.13
How to parse JSON from https website using Ada 0.00
Running a simple Python script from Ada program 0.00
Ada - timing problem when using ttyUSB device (FTDI chip) 0.00
Scrolling a drawingarea 0.00
NCurses build environment for Ada 2012 under Ubuntu 19.10 0.00
ADA not able to link glut32.dll in GPS IDE +4.26
GNAT GPS: Add a custom command 0.00
Strange compilation error with gnat on fixed point declaration -3.82
Ada - compiler warning about "mod 64" type definition +0.30
How to fix leaks memory valgrind using linekd list? +0.42
Reading from Address 0x0 in Ada -4.23
Ada - how to explicitly pack a bit-field record type? 0.00
Use Ada's My_Class'Class(This) cast to mimic template metho... 0.00
Ada 2012 - replace Fixed_Decimal_Type'Round() with customised v... 0.00
Passing struct/record from assembler to Ada 0.00
Tracing execution of an Ada program 0.00
Configure PolyORB fails on Linux with GNAT 2019 public version for... 0.00
Ada i2c demo on the microbit with the Ada Drivers Library? -2.34
Ada : check if a result of division haven't decimal numbers 0.00
Ada : put() with custom type 0.00
How would you write an Ada generic function operating on doubly_lin... 0.00
Receiving multicast traffic using GNAT.Sockets 0.00