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Sudipto Roy

1505.15 (138,051st)
278 (421,790th)
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Title Δ
Text aligns weirdly with justify-content: space-evenly; +4.75
Why doesn't my HTML checkbox work on mobile devices? 0.00
My header is over the first 114.19px in the section when i navigate... 0.00
Popup box centered on visible screen (also scrolled down) 0.00
refresh dom after appendto btn on resizing 0.00
React - how to make innerHtml inside the react router link to take... +4.02
Keep the navigation bar elements static whether the page has a scro... 0.00
Making a div vertically centered causing it to be slightly horizont... +0.12
Generate css with sass using in realtime 0.00
Using Git Bash on Windows, how do I checkout a branch that begins w... +0.82
Centering Content With Max Width and Without Using Margins -2.35
Vertically centered text not showing center on mobile devices but s... 0.00
Enable change image on hover then disable based on class being acti... -4.02
how to make search and form category merges like amazon on bootstrap 0.00
CSS BEM - Class for SVG -4.11
How to add space between backgroundimages and elements in css? 0.00
background-image CSS property doesn't display on narrow rows +3.91
How to set 'local storage for attribute in jquery'? 0.00
CSS left property value doesn't work well with different window... +4.02
Accordion within an Accordion 0.00
Reactjs Render issue on popover with data fetched from BE +0.02
How come my nav bar dropdown animation is not working? 0.00
Is there any problem with this code? I'm new on html & css +4.11
Build Bootstrap theme for distribution +0.03
Adding styling to randomly generated Javascript numbers 0.00
better way spread scss variables to every scss file 0.00
bootstrap 4 scss: how to mixin the bootstrap's pb-x pm-x values... +2.63
Hide divs from the page -0.15
Display image cropped notification on side of a button 0.00
New Imported files aren't compiling to CSS ( NPM Compile:SASS ) 0.00
Bootstrap - JUST the Validation Styles are Missing 0.00
How to make image 10% larger from its parent? 0.00
Create button with multiple border -3.73
how to attach styled-component style to a component className props? +0.06
How to make jQuery UI Dialog pop up with an else{} function? -3.40
how to set the same height as the parent element 0.00
Create mouseover effect for image description in Javascript -3.65
How to resize an HTML document dynamically? 0.00
My button has a sound and I want it to be able to link to a new page +0.03
What to do if a position in css doesn't work to move an element? 0.00
Display Text on Hover Item with Javascript +3.89
How do I remove the space between my <ul> and <span> el... +0.06
SASS child rule setting inside based on parent under? -3.79
Using BEM modifier classes 0.00
How to use a mixin to create a string from an undefined length arra... 0.00
Is having to many nested elements bad? +3.97
JS onClick transform rotate problem horizontal vertical 0.00
Div does not fit browser's width when using media queries +0.02
DESIGN: Dropdown+Label+Button and Repeating row wise +0.02
Use SASS (from command line) and Autoprefixer (for Bootstrap 4.x) -2.14