An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Mark A. Nicolosi

1522.55 (27,413th)
33,126 (3,569th)
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Title Δ
Ajax Pagination -4.36
Relation Between 2 Controllers +3.31
What is the down migration for adding a polymorphic reference -4.29
jQuery UI tabs loading first as <ul> then as tabs -0.11
Web page summary with Ruby 0.00
css positioning problem show different result in different browser 0.00
fastest sortable javascript html table +2.04
Can I aim for TDD or BDD in my started project? -3.33
Which syntax and architecture of assembly is most useful to know? -1.43
How do I split a large file in unix repeatedly? -2.28
Learning Ruby on Rails with Pragmatic book +1.53
Downloading a variable +1.14
Jquery - Outline top element while hovering -0.38
What is the best way to manage duplicate code in static HTML websites -3.01
How to Debug Internal working of Rails? +1.64
JQuery: Check whether an Element is Hidden from the user +0.86
Escaping double quotes in JavaScript onClick event handler -2.05
Ruby cross-platform way to write the EOF symbol +3.85
Is it possible to style a select box? +3.46
Retrieve Field properties in JQuery -4.30
Functional testing redirection in a Rails controller +3.81
Allow the user to pick a named scope via GET params -1.61
Submitting Rails Form on a Radio Button Selection -3.26
Including Files in Ruby Questions 0.00
Terminology - parts of a composite relationship -4.26
String interpolation when not using a string literal +3.62
Calling attribute accessor methods from within the class -4.33
embedding an application within a c# program with gtk# +3.60
Local html file AJAX Call and jQuery Woes +3.64
Proper Use of yield return -2.31
What development tools do you carry on your USB drive? +2.89
Why explicit interface implementation? +3.73
findstr or grep that autodetects chararacter encoding (UTF-16) -2.16
How does Google Chrome affect product owners developing web apps? -0.51
What is a cyclic data structure good for? +2.44
What have you used Regular Expressions for? -2.90
How do I get a scheme interpreter working inside Emacs? +3.89
Access Excel workbook from javascript -0.33
How do I retrofit a GUI to an existing C program? -0.29
How often do you use pseudocode in the real world? +3.10
Is it possible to call a Compiz-Fusion plugin (ADD Helper) from an... 0.00
Should you declare methods using overloads or optional parameters i... -3.25
Please recommend an open source project with quality comments in go... -0.99
What is recommended for plug in systems in applications? +3.65
looking for a UTF-8 text editor +2.68
Try to describe polymorphism as easy as you can +3.36
Getting jQuery to recognise .change() in IE 0.00
Combining two interfaces into one +1.34
Should I start distributing my systems as Wine ready? +3.61
Get the name of the currently executing method in Ruby +4.00