An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Zev Spitz

1529.64 (18,845th)
6,373 (25,445th)
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Title Δ
Process hangs while trying to read standard output 0.00
Format the `with`-expression setter block on the same line 0.00
Unable to cast string to type with implicit conversion 0.00
Set naming style to camelCase for private methods via .editorconfig +0.41
When should I use IEnumerable and when IQueryable? +0.45
MS Access - Continuous form custom text entry 0.00
How to use multiple 'Where' expressions and chain them toge... +1.09
How Can I Add a Dynamically Generated Where Expression for a Naviga... -1.20
Get MethodInfo of a function under a variable in C# 0.00
Define a public Dictionary 0.00
Specify build output location of PackageReference dependency DLLs -0.11
Update ViewModel with async value, after/during call to ShowDialog -0.05
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. VB.NET AND MS-ACCESS -1.74
Create string with Objects grouped by same Property +2.56
Is there a more concise way of using Select Case here? +2.28
how to change the form design to be create right-to-left on ms acce... 0.00
How do I import Excel data using dynamic path created/Input on Acce... -0.58
How to create a new incremental reference number in the next row in... +2.57
How to display specific cell values while using a dictionary in vba? 0.00
Autocomplete / drop down box for arguments past the first full stop 0.00
Creating inventory database when product unit price change frequently 0.00
How to programmatically convert a loop to a single expression? +1.08
Replace Whole Words from a Predefined List 0.00
Excel VBA (UDF) Returns #VALUE! Due to 255 Character Limit +0.71
For selected files retrieve the File type and file name 0.00
VBA/Excel - Matching Column values with pre-defined sets 0.00
Using VS 2017 image, unable to build other projects in a solution w... 0.00
Specify name of ZIP file created by AppVeyor -2.35
How to create SQL that uses input from a Multi-select list in MS Ac... -0.04
Serializing single instance to multiple JSON strings +0.05
Excel powerquery: how to create a column that contains the sum of t... -0.04
Simplifying LINQ - Sum of a Col twice with two different where clause +0.35
TypeLoadException in .NET Core project during serialization of valu... 0.00
TypeLoadException during serialization +0.47
How to properly create Expression with Any statement? 0.00
Intermittent file lock exception when calling File.AppendAllLines m... +2.13
How to reconstruct linq expression tree 0.00
Prevent a VS solution's project from being built by Appveyor -0.03
Multiple fixture instances 0.00
How to create an Expression builder in .NET -0.84
Compiler adding bitwise AND into expression tree with bit-shifting... 0.00
"This function requires all threads to evaluate" after `n... +1.65
VBA array of unique values is not picking up certain numbers +1.01
Combine SQL statement with VBA variable 0.00
Read CSV/Excel file into array 0.00
"Query does not include the specified expression as part of an... 0.00
How to generate phone number extensions in MS access VBA 0.00
Why does DataType Number increment inside MS Access Append (INSERT... -1.58
adding item index in xml with Linq 0.00
How to sort List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> by numer... 0.00