An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.74 (80,463rd)
10,172 (14,968th)
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Title Δ
PDO how to get auto_increment value from a table 0.00
How to stop this? Multiple clicks on a button with jquery? -0.28
Searching Database PHP/MYSQL Question -0.83
Should Javascript be separated into files by page or consolidated i... -0.13
which software projects have quality online documentation +0.36
How to get reference to jQuery selector for content just added via... +2.38
How do Reddit and similar sites keep users from voting on links and... 0.00
Count images with jquery and then output the # -1.36
jquery ::: replace hyperlink text? +0.12
How to embed Javascript widget that depends on jQuery into an unkno... -0.03
Find text in string in PHP -1.81
Automate MySQL fields (like Excel) -0.66
post data error in internet explorer 7 0.00
jQuery Convert Select to Radio buttons? -1.81
Date Range Query MySQL +0.47
Echo PHP variable from JavaScript? +1.13
Table cell stretching +0.07
How to judge whether or not a transaction succeeded or failed? +0.43
a jquery datepicker plugin that allows user to choose just a month... -0.68
Is it really having an impact to use ' instead of " in PHP -0.61
Changing the timezone on the fly +0.49
How can we maintain session variables between our CMS and a standal... +0.52
jQuery: save Portlets positions -0.59
Identify embedded code in textbox using jQuery 0.00
how to write a code to protect the email IDs displayed on a page th... -0.46
changing image width with jquery hover toggle -0.01
how to include a css-hidden input field in forms +1.79
how to read from a file in batch? 0.00
Is it good to put <p> inside <td> to put content text? +0.12
Css tool, to calculate how many (in bytes) inline css in html +0.23
JQuery tools, overflow images from input box +0.92
How to iterate, by month, between two specified dates -0.47
Loading my Greasemonkey script after another GM Script Loads +0.05
Need the CSS a.tag is not cooperating +0.78
Using Jquery to add/remove a class based on body Id +0.49
Use SOUNDEX() word by word on SQL Server -0.35
Best way to add metadata to HTML elements +0.66
jQuery selector syntax gives Firefox warning +0.79
Error Getting Jquery Blur to Work on Element +1.64
Get all elements in array besides the first one.. ? (php) +0.33
Php form for registered users in joomla 0.00
Syntax for Multiple Selectors in jQuery when using OR +0.31
Jquery 'addClass' sometimes fails but css does not +1.29
Why is CouchDB popular? +0.24
How to change CSS with jquery? -0.52
Redirect traffic from certain country +1.85
If one of two elements exists, do something +0.48
I'm looking for an english language word list +0.08
jQuery Inserting a Button After An Anchor +1.59
Get first day of week in PHP? -0.68