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Derviş Kayımbaşıoğlu

1480.80 (4,152,735th)
15,264 (9,176th)
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Title Δ
Type Program[] is not assignable to string[] 0.00
run multiple task and await for all tasks completes +1.97
expressjs oracledb { [Error: ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not curre... 0.00
Prevent Insertion if Check Fails 0.00
EF.Functions.Contains including multiple keywords 0.00 Web referencing .net standard 2.0 library throws runtime ex... +0.03
How to avoid duplicate column name on alter table add column in MyS... 0.00
Finding count of most popular car and total count of rented cars 0.00
How to create a .tfignore file? -0.43
Using ClosedXML how to adjust image size according row height -0.48
xregexp having different result -0.67
use RANK or DENSE_RANK along with aggregate function -1.51
Iterate through Response<List><KVInfoModel>>>$&qu... 0.00
Changes to my.ini Not Persisting when using MySQL +0.52
Running a conditional script in bash -0.46
How to access property value in generic method in C#? -0.46
.NET Core 2.1 CORS not working with it enabled 0.00
rsync unable to copy folder that has name with spaces 0.00
unrecognized arguments when executing script via crontab +0.02
Static List Showing as Null -1.43
table does not exist after succesfull creation +0.53
Stored Procedure Dependency 0.00
How to add declare/sets and CTE in tableau desktop 0.00
Data type to hold a path to a page 0.00
Regex replace replaces the whole word with the regex itself in VS c... 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to 'Microsoft.O... 0.00
can I set a time out when calling procedure using DBLink Pl/SQL 0.00
SQL - Select values to become column values? -1.28
Concatenating 2 columns in the same table -0.63
Update rows starting for specific number +0.85
Transactional SaveChangesAsync in EF +0.52
Converting MySQL Simple Query to SQL Server -0.49
Int equals - the best way 0.00
Invalid column name 'RN' 0.00
SQL query to return items with count sale_id = 4 0.00
SQL Server stored procedure - Insert syntax error 0.00
Property handling timeout when downloading big files 0.00
How to make a field set-able only inside extension method -1.82
Oracle SQL get row with MAX value for each group in a set of groupe... +1.54
Create folders from files into another folder (bash) -0.93
regex [[:digit:]] showing a row with a letter between digits +0.25
SQL Grouping through temptable and getting new column value if one... 0.00
Why is & 0xFFFF needed when checking if caps lock on 0.00
Mysql: Use result from search as input for another search 0.00
Web Service Credentials work from remote but not on the server 0.00
choose one record of each group on MySQL 0.00
Picking the latest file from a folder 0.00
How to find counts of items belonging to weekends and weekdays 0.00
How do I stop awaiting a task but keep the task running in backgrou... -0.35
SQL Single quote and double quote inserting values -1.89