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Dietmar Kühl

1627.88 (919th)
129,105 (488th)
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Title Δ
Preventing implicit conversion operator only for binary operators +1.32
What is a traceable pointer in C++? 0.00
How to use the range version of `transform()` with two ranges? -1.54
C++ structs/classes members 0.00
how to constract a vector form a data members of other container cl... 0.00
What is the "source object is lvalue" scenario, mentioned... +1.09
Why is overflow in C++ arrays operating system/compiler dependent? +1.91
How does std::optional delay initialization? / How is std::optional... 0.00
How to not duplicate code for printing tree +1.58
C++ primer 5th ed function template specialization 0.00
How can I get 2 integer values from one input? -0.19
Why should extern be used in a variable declared in a header file? 0.00
How do you call types that tend to spread over the whole codebase l... 0.00
How to specify a class's comparator in a std::multiset 0.00
Is there a good way to resolve the ambiguity between nullptr_t and... 0.00
static member of the templated class not created unless referenced 0.00
How to call a function every x seconds but be able to do stuff in t... +0.07
pointer equality test with same address yields false 0.00
Array subscript out of bounds when struct has zero length array as... +1.63
why does this routine return an array of length 0? 0.00
Is there a way to raise a compile time error when calling a given f... +1.61
How many bytes does the name of a variable take up? +0.33
Count numbers in text file 0.00
Does NRVO happen in static member variables initialization? +0.33
Three-way comparison operator with inconsistent ordering deduction +0.06
I can't figure it out why this happen in my C++ code 0.00
Converting carray to initializer_list for istream 0.00
Why does std::basic_istream::ignore() extract more characters than... -0.36
How to limit user input in C++ for strings & characters? +0.14
Detecting Quotes in a String C++ +0.83
C++ callback for c function -0.15
SIGABRT on custom background task using std::thread and std::condit... 0.00
Is there an easy way to test your code against standard's named... +0.25
stl function and function type vs function pointer type +1.43
Reading and Writing to a pre-allocated dynamic array multi-threaded... 0.00
Including a class to define a global variable parameter c++ :( 0.00
Reading/Writing files from\to Buffers 0.00
AND two binary strings +1.32
How to use typedef to create multiple arrays? -0.43
Enter a string text then split them by space, then add to linked li... +0.32
can std::accumulate throw? -0.11
The latest inserted key into std::map cannot be found 0.00
How to create a while loop, that continues looping until a key is e... 0.00
C++ lambda has a different type when it captures variable 0.00
What happens when we pass an argument of class type to a function i... -0.16
Is there a reason why C++ does not overload time function so we do... 0.00
How can I find the size of a matrix which passed to function? 0.00
unordered_map Vs map Vs array - Memory analysis 0.00
this code is not working for {"parses", "parsecs&quo... 0.00
Unexpected invocation of the destructor after an invokation of a pr... -0.01