An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Dr Phil

1517.87 (35,041st)
21 (1,514,165th)
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Title Δ
SQL Sum of Count Values +0.88
Stored procedure returns 0 when bit is default to NULL 0.00
Show all rows where value appears at least once in a group +3.85
Regex to extract expressions from input string 0.00
Why does this print the wrong part of the string? +4.60
Why can't the m be dropped in O(n^2 +m)? 0.00
BCP with input file 0.00
Oracle SQL select records where percentage of one column is above a... +3.95
Java: Transforming List<List> into a Map -0.66
Having created an enum, how would I be able to assign them a decima... 0.00
Why is the second line executed n (n + 1 / 2) +5.29
Initializing variables in for loops +4.00
Is there a way to match this with Regex instead of a loop? -3.73
Why is memory allocated with stackalloc not deallocated when it goe... +4.79
How would one go about implementing a AVL tree into this hash-map? 0.00
approch for homework: Does an array A with two numbers X & Y ex... 0.00
Are there any better ways to check this condition in Java 8? -1.63
What members of the enclosing class can a static nested class access? +3.93
Why A Variable's Value Changes +0.16
java type-conversion String.valueOf( ) vs variable + " " 0.00
Big-O of loop over dictionary 0.00
I'm getting 3 C4703 errors on variables I think I've initia... -1.60
Converting special German characters (umlauts) to regular UTF-8 chars 0.00
Why can't I print the pointer value that has been initialized w... +2.42
How to return string within quotes -0.02
How to check if a queue is empty when I need to use two stacks to f... 0.00
Passing multiple arrays to a function -3.26
Write in a txt file from two threads 0.00
How do I get the max element of a std::unordered_map? -3.64
Why does the result of printf number change when include tab? -0.05
Allowing the user to edit text already printed on the screen in C 0.00
How can I modify a String in a class file which is in a compiled .j... +4.79
Is there a function that takes 2 pointers and returns the one that&... +1.80
Trying to find sum of digits between two numbers -0.66
Putting elements inside a queue -3.96
Using the appropriate SELECT statement to extract data from multipl... +0.59
can I use this code instead of malloc function, because it seems to... +0.12
Java - test a public static void main method with JUnit +3.96
SQL - count unique first occurrence of value -2.93
C++ decimal to time conversion issue 0.00
Space&NewLine Java +4.04
how to get Dictionary to have the same key nameas or a aternitve 0.00
Automatically syncing develop with master on merge 0.00
Auto re-link tables (VBA) in Acces from MariaDB via ODBC 0.00
Not calling default constructor in C++ -2.23
Calculations does not show same results between C# and javscript -3.86
How identfy http post API request is from my app? -3.95
bash : displaying null value for a variable after "for loop&qu... 0.00
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError thrown from the UncaughtExceptionHandler... +0.36
No such file or directory while transferring local file to a remote... -0.01