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1506.44 (112,072nd)
1,625 (100,813th)
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Title Δ
Draw signal doesn't get fired in GTKMM, when derived class does... -4.59
Adding tooltip to rows in treeview in gtkmm 0.00
How to get the child of a gtklistboxrow? 0.00
How to make a Block builder \drag and drop layout program? 0.00
Is it possible to instruct a `Gtk::TreeView` to display a custom ty... 0.00
how to add text box in gtkmm:gtk::Listbox using c++ 0.00
Divide Gtkmm program into functions (part 1) 0.00
Deprecation notices building using GTKMM with C++11 -3.94
Why is the information displayed twice in TreeView when using CellR... 0.00
How to make a single item bold in TreeView using gtkmm? 0.00
How to store get a correct Glib::RefPtr to a non-widget using Gtk::... +3.84
How does libsigc++ convert a function into a slot? 0.00
Better way to get label from ListBox row? 0.00
What should be used to substitute BasicNameValuePair in building URL? -0.17
Is there a way to inactivate a togglebutton at gtkmm? 0.00
Menu items always disabled in gtkmm3 0.00
GTK+ / Gtkmm, check if a notebook tab already exists, and create it... 0.00
Gtk::Window shows and exits while porting my gtkmm2 to gtkmm3 appli... 0.00
Access to GtkLabel by the GtkBuilder +3.61
gtkmm's answer to gdk_threads_enter() or SwingUtilities.invokeL... 0.00
What would be gtkmm's version of g_signal_emit or g_signal_emit... 0.00
Hide Gtk::Notebook page content, without hiding the tab 0.00
sigc::mem_fun and pass params from a class method -4.14
Glade-constructed TreeView with gtkmm 0.00
How I can put a a GtkSwitch in a cell (column) of GtkTreeView? 0.00
Gtk::ScaleButton: Icons in the constructor 0.00
Using the gtkmm package centos 0.00
Where can I find gtkmm/overlay.h? 0.00
How can I use an icon instead of a title in the Android Toolbar? -4.23
Failed to compile gtkmm-3.10.1 0.00
GTKmm : Encode image in the file? +3.73
Can Buttons in a GridLayout become narrower instead of being cropped? 0.00
Preventing GTKMM from catching exceptions 0.00
Overloading a returned class (eg DomParser's Document in xmlpp) -0.18
No resource found that matches the given name '@android:style/t... 0.00
How can I associate data - a string, integer or enum member - with... 0.00
How to add a V_Box to a tab - gtkmm 2 0.00
Creating an entryfield 0.00
Gtk Button not triggering button release event on left click +3.45
Passing Gtk::Window& parameter to Gtk::MessageDialog 0.00
GTKmm3 (GTK+ 3 C++) compiles but throws GLib-GIO-CRITICAL error whe... 0.00
Remove border from a notebook 0.00
Is there an equivalent way to load a GMenu from XML? 0.00
override signal handler in gtkmm 0.00
using a canvas in gtkmm application +3.90
How to attach Gtk::Menu to Gtk::Widget 0.00
Gtk::TreeModelColumn / GType in C++ (gtkmm3) 0.00
How to put Gtk:Grid in Gtk:Window with gtkmm +3.99
GTK default File->Quit behavior -0.01
error with gtkmm 3 in ubuntu 12.04 +4.01