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1612.47 (1,244th)
286,189 (132nd)
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Title Δ
Strange bash behavior when expanding ${*:0:80} 0.00
How to fix "error: parse error on input ‘=’" in Haskell 0.00
Why does "eval" not work inside While loop 0.00
Using lambda sort function to sort a tuple of strings by each tuple... 0.00
How can I extract data from json 0.00
How to sequence conditions when using either 0.00
Are variables within a class method also accessible from outside? 0.00
file operations and optimize the python code 0.00
Proper form to call a method in Python? 0.00
Can a Python class's __str___() return one of two strings? 0.00
Understanding this if statement in list comprehension 0.00
Variable Expansion when using variable within filename 0.00
echo text to multiple files in bash script 0.00
Add space within a line 0.00
How to parse my bash output into an array? 0.00
How do I QuickCheck a Servant Application that is constructed from... 0.00
Redirect output from one python script to another argparse 0.00
Using mypy's generic self with python2 type comments 0.00
How does function composition (.) work from within? 0.00
String manipulation using lower() and str.translate not changing st... +0.35
The scope of local variables in sh -0.12
Error with local variable referenced before assignment, despite glo... +0.32
Additional pattern matching inside case -0.28
bash exec multi lines commands from files -2.55
Object Creation Differences in python 0.00
Access JSON element with parent name unknown 0.00
How to check MRO (Method Resolution Order) in Python 2.7? 0.00
Python division: // vs math.floor +0.35
How can I sort my HTTP GET to return what I need? 0.00
How do I enable "!!" in fish? +0.36
How do I rebuild an array without null elements? +1.74
How to print entire Twelve Days of Christmas lyrics without loops a... +0.84
How To Annotate an Argument That Can Be Cast As Boolean? +1.90
How to store the value returned by a command in shell script? -0.14
How to call impure functions from pure ones? -0.01
Handle maybe in do block and extract a value 0.00
Why decrement of variable inside loop returns no success status code? 0.00
Python Thread Acquire Lock Prioritization 0.00
How to change the order of function's argumnets 0.00
How do lists work in python recursion and why does int + list in re... -0.14
bash - "[: too many arguments" error in a while loop afte... 0.00
Understanding the OR operator -0.60
Validation data on instance when call __init__ +1.49
Replace hardcoded value with variable in calculation 0.00
Popen error: bytes-like object is required, not 'str' +1.54
Using drop sort functions together? 0.00
How to simplify this code and remove the if-else block? -0.65
is there a way to print the value being evaluated in an if statemen... 0.00
Edit a text file line by line in bash -0.65
How to get rid of creation of "=0" file while running a s... -0.63