An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1598.28 (1,852nd)
467,524 (71st)
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Title Δ
Use sort command in a function bash 0.00
__init__() takes 3 positional arguments but 4 were given when run -2.40
CentOS 8 /bin/sh: line 1: a: No such file or directory 0.00
Global Variable “total” Does Not Update Properly -2.15
Unexpected behaviour of generator nested in a comprehension +0.31
Recovering a password from a SHA3_512 value using python program 0.00
Best way to convert month int in month string + year -1.19
Is there a function that makes a unique combinations from a list of... 0.00
Why do multiple lines in python need print()? +0.35
Why this code isn't running successfully? -1.28
How to compose a nested function g=fn(...(f3(f2(f1()))...) from a l... -0.67
How to split a string delimited by new lines in /bin/sh 0.00
Python read in JSON file with multiple values as a Dict -0.40
Python - How to pass arguments with exec() method? 0.00
How to parse individual variables from python code in case of multi... 0.00
Why is foldr not returning undefined when folding over a list conta... +1.23
How to use time.sleep() within a function correctly? +2.04
Problems with inheriting the correct property with the child class... 0.00
Nested quoting in bash -2.41
Why doesn't 6 / length [1, 2, 3] work in Haskell 0.00
How to make a rewrite of this function 0.00
What is the way to describe the type signature of Haskell functions... +1.88
re installing pip into a virtual enviroment -0.14
How to concatenate bytes from 3 small ints to make a larger number... +0.93
Is it possible to add an integer to a list comprised of two integer... 0.00
Trying to make a log function 0.00
Class Decorator Compatible for Mypy 0.00
Can I add a variable name to itertools list? 0.00
Why does f-string literal not work here, whereas %()s formatting do... -0.07
How to quote string with backtick in zsh? 0.00
How does __setattr__ and __getattribute__ interact in Python? 0.00
Calling one of multiple inner functions from one of the outer varia... +0.34
UnboundLocalError: local variable referenced before assignment with... 0.00
how to make a properly setting file? +1.30
Git can overwrites files owned by root (no sudo) 0.00
My login system will not work - regardless of any user passwords en... -0.64
One liner ssh different enviroment variables than normal ssh 0.00
Newlines are not added to the end of shell variable -1.90
What is the main difference between invoking function with or witho... -1.51
Concise way to run command if previous command completes successful... 0.00
Python combine derived classes to the same base class? -1.34
About Leetcode question "Linked List Cycle" - Python +0.01
Python - list + tuples length of elements -1.52
Filter bigger element of two lists -1.38
how to test a Python class that requires command line argument? -2.62
struct.unpack returning very large value python -0.83
how does Git deal with misspelled commands? 0.00
Can I store a function rather than its result to a dictionary value... -1.07
POO (French: Object-Oriented Programming) and def +0.34
Not able to print global variables +0.10