An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1480.92 (4,493,303rd)
29 (1,358,168th)
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Title Δ
Playing back audio recorded with AVCaptureAudioDataOutput 0.00
Playback controls in swiftui 0.00
How to send apns token to server with additional data -1.82
Swift: getting incorrect result when dealing with Intersection of T... 0.00
" Duplicate keys of type ... were found in a Dictionary "... -4.03
How can I deselect rows from a table view controller when dismissin... +4.50
Why does the url sometimes come out nil when converting from PHAsse... 0.00
Custom UIButton background color not working -2.51
Error of 48 duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64 0.00
Checking if location services are enabled. [Swift] +0.18
Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS with Timer 0.00
Background fetch with BGTaskScheduler works perfectly with debug si... -3.89
Swift: Run Timer in Background and send Notifications 0.00
how to call draw(_ rect: CGRect) from cellForRowAt to draw on the c... -3.55
Swift: How to access specific data from struct inside an array? -3.95
What is the equivalent of arView.scene.addAnchor() in ARSCNView? 0.00
YouTube Data API Error 403 Insufficient Permission +3.99
Show the highest Number from an Attribute in an Entity from CoreDat... +0.12
How does - (void) translate in swift code +5.32
Dimming other cells in UICollectionView when a cell is selected +0.70
Subview goes beneath border Layer - Swift - Programmatically 0.00
How do I fill an array of data with CoreData data? -1.65
How to send send data before viewDidLoad happens? 0.00
UITableView corner radius doesn't work correctly -2.89
Using Google Places API to find nearby places BY TYPE (parks) for i... 0.00
UIBarButtonItem hide element and space that it takes +0.11
rounded edges with a shadow +0.13
SWIFT: touchesEnded not called in my tableViewController 0.00
multiple audios playing same time issue 0.00
Swift Add camera preview in first collectionview cell 0.00
I get wrong indexPath in the didSelectRowAt when the keyboard of th... 0.00
Why is my loop iteration not yielding any results? +0.44
Print data from Alamofire request, swift -4.07
WKWEbView Hide controls of native player in iOS 0.00
PDF view not presenting 0.00
How do you get the name of a UIImageView that you have set programm... -1.99
The tap on the addChild viewController does not work 0.00
How to access previous view controller from a dismiss command -4.09
Delete Row in TableView using Realm 0.00
GID.sharedInstance().signIn() crashes app -0.13