An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1491.46 (4,391,499th)
166 (520,820th)
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Title Δ
How to make a dropdownlist from sql to be displayed in listbox asp.... -0.02 : Do not derserialize numbers as booleans -3.95
how to get last defined sub string from string in c# 0.00
How do I access GameObject components from a transform that is atta... 0.00
Why does my compiler say that there is a semicolin missing? 0.00
c# method with unlimited params or method with an array or list? -1.07
Branch based deployment in Microsoft Appcenter 0.00
Build a View/Table-Valued UDF for views in another DB 0.00
DataBinding to a checkbox not working correctly 0.00
Xamarin AppCenter Crashes.TrackError not showing details I expect i... 0.00
ASP.NET MVC ToString error when converting a DateTime to a month nu... 0.00
Display custom popup as fully opaque like Page.DisplayAlert() 0.00
Class property Can't ref In myFunction´╝îIs any Better practice -1.99
Xamarin Grid does not split evenly +4.18
Not chaging Text.Color in disabled Button +0.19
Populating a grouped ListView from a list -3.69
Xamarin Forms - InitializeComponent exception +0.15
How to display Images with uniform size inside a StackLayout +0.78
How to bind a list of lists to a Listbox in WPF? -1.94
Xamarin Android tap gesture event handler can not be triggerred -3.28
Modify property from ViewModel before binding to ListView +2.10
Why listview is taking more space inside scroll view in xamarin for... 0.00
Accessing a collection within a collection List Xamarin xaml 0.00
Single static page with a navigation page 0.00