An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ryszard Czech

1557.26 (6,124th)
99 (728,399th)
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Title Δ
regex to replace console code with whitespaces 0.00
Searching for multiple pairs of letters in a string (Ruby) 0.00
Ruby regular expression pattern for UTF8 characters with BOM 0.00
SQL data that does not match Regex isnt filtered out 0.00
keep the first part of the URL and mask everything else +0.31
Not able to split the string based on regex -0.07
Regex Expression to remove certain characters from string expect at... -0.59
A regex to match `.` but not in `a.m.` -1.20
How to do pattern replacement with regex? +1.67
Determine repeating numbers in a string in R +0.72
Javascript regex - check if string contains two or more of same let... +0.41
How to negate a word in pure ERE regex 0.00
Exclude full word from regex in JS 0.00
Convert duration in seconds to hours and minutes and skip empty val... -0.08
Searching for first parenthesis within a string -1.08
Python regex search for alphanumeric characters and forward slash +0.38
re not getting all matches 0.00
How can I make this only match the words after the word 'speaks... +0.34
delete unnecessary line breaks within a paragraph in vs code 0.00
Regex for matching XX/YY strings but not XX/YY/ZZ strings +0.42
How to remove the hash tag from this regex -0.50
How can I change this regex in order to validate phone number witho... 0.00
Regex to extract variable number of key value pairs -0.34
Regex datatable columns character ignoring -0.08
Regex split by space except strings inside single quotation +0.05
Matching image path inside javascript using javascript regex -1.69
Java String match using the regex for optional String +2.20
Get the string between [ brackets and special characters in python -1.08
Matching years at end of string not enclosed in brackets -0.29
Extracting a string and removing Whitespace -1.70
Mysql regexp to get right table names from database schema 0.00
Regex positive lookahead to period or / whichever comes first? 0.00
Regular expression to match all Python definitions in a module +1.13
Regex to separate list of parameters at commas, but ignore commas e... -0.29
Regex to extract last characters after underscore of folder name of... 0.00
How to extract phone number & email id from a string using Pyth... 0.00
Regular expression to replace first 4 characters -1.34
Search workflow name in the session log file using the linux command 0.00
match tickers using regular expression -0.85
Turning a String Decimal To String Int by Using Regex -2.39
Regex to parse columns data -0.74
How to find a word directly after another word in a string C# +0.41
How to make Regex lookahead to match one and two digit numbers? -1.33
Regex to replace spaces in quoted strings with _ (Sublime) 0.00
Get only one instance of a regex instead of multiple -2.12
Regex[Python] Extract from url path parameters 0.00
Regex to remove \u00A0 0.00
How to grep a string in a file that begins and ends with two specif... 0.00
Split url string based on known start and end, with optional unknow... +2.30
find any last character in line except empty lines 0.00