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Rating Stats for

Abhishek Kulkarni

1435.65 (4,407,973rd)
1,395 (115,470th)
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Title Δ
Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): respo.json is not a function 0.00
Javascript how to adding minus number and positive number 0.00
How to use .filter() and .includes() methods on JSON with multiple... -0.14
how to display a variable value along with the text in .html() -0.52
TypeError: is not a function Thanks +1.25
How to solve the string indices must be integers problem in a for l... -0.13
map on javascript object - get the object keys +1.01
how to get changing input value from v-for in Vue +0.08
How would I make a multiplication table and save it a a .txt file? -1.16
Python Class definitions +0.06
How to switch between text input and h4 element 0.00
Python - Removing duplicates elements while remain the index -0.71
Vue inline click event `this` is undefined +0.59
Why does function not change the array -0.16
KeyError: 'customer' 0.00
TypeError: object of type 'Stack' has no len() 0.00
How to write the correct syntax for backgroundImage in ReactJs? -0.34
I tried solving reverse linkedlist on my own way. please spot the p... -0.85
How to reduce many if statements in Python? +0.09
Can I write an efficient function to do this? 0.00
Applying the max() function on a user entered integer list does not... +0.44
importing a class and an object of different class using the method... 0.00
Javascript iterate through nested Object and return transformed and... -0.07
Get 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'extend' err... -0.98
Python 3.x | How to remove brackets and apostrof's in a list to... 0.00
Why does the given list give me list indices must be integers or sl... 0.00
Print a string on multiple lines +0.57
Creating Two Seperate List from a Single List With Two Parameters i... -0.27
Python accessing element inside array inside json -0.16
Convert nested dictionary to a json with a principal key in each line +0.08
python transform complex list of lists into a string -0.52
How to display values of 2 different lists in 2 different columns i... 0.00
JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)when tryi... 0.00
Removing Elements From JSON Array -0.80
Enumerate Function Output: +0.08
Python - TypeError while implementing merge sort algorithm -0.53
i found unreachable code error while writing code for assignment +0.09
python3: Why iis the for loop in __init__ method not executed? 0.00
Converting tuples in tuple to lists in list +0.96
Send email based on print output - Python -0.16
How to display JSON results in web page? 0.00
How do I convert this list into string +0.06
Identify an object using a string, python 3 -0.07
How to get multiple select box values and texts together using jQue... 0.00
Sum DF columns stored in dictionary +0.59
Flask SQLAlchemy unable to update single value in db 0.00
Filter dictionary by keys +0.50
why is my do-while condition not working? +0.08
How to find which actor has participated in the most films in a sin... +1.01
I have two lists. list1 as keys, list2 as values. How to appendix a... 0.00