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1706.38 (125th)
270,034 (144th)
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Title Δ
Access non-numeric Object properties by index? +0.22
How to I make 2 Javascript variables be equal to each other at all... 0.00
why does passing a string as "this" cause this weirdness? +0.21
JQuery reverse each() with find() +1.19
How to remove a live submit event in jQuery? -1.52
how to deal with asynchronous function? +0.04
Javascript - div content without innerHTML +0.24
jQuery $.each() not working on object as expected +0.75
Using jQuery, how do I select elements that are neither class A nor... +0.23
how to reduce this javascript code's cpu usage? +0.85
Understanding number bases in javascript -0.16
How to explain this issue with variable scope? +1.52
Setting innerHTML of nextSibling +1.54
best way to create javascript variables +0.71
Javascript call changing type +0.45
jQuery Event Handler created in loop +0.82
jQuery $(...).empty().append(...) slows down whole page after sever... -1.96
Safari/WebKit's console.log DOM node as object? 0.00
Need Regular expression javascript to get all images +0.55
Javascript - Can you reuse Date() objects? +0.20
find('a,b') is slower than find('a')+find('b'), why? +1.22
Why *not* "inherit"/extend from Object in JavaScript? 0.00
Is livequery deprecated 0.00
jQuery - when binding event to multiple elements at once, new insta... -0.19
Delete <li>'s that have the same value in another <li> +0.66
"nodeValue" property of text node is blank - how do I tes... +0.92
Working Around Closure in JQuery "ajax" Method +0.50
getElementsByClassName returns [] instead of asynchronous appended... +0.27
What is the difference between native objects and host objects? -2.68
How to convert a json formatted string into a json array in javascr... +0.76
Jquery assignment fails when inside a for loop +0.67
how do I find elements that contain a data-* attribute matching a p... +0.24
Possible Javascript selector (no framework) to get array of element... -2.62
When to access the attribute (vs the property)? +0.87
Image does not have width at document.ready +0.89
Prototypes and object creation +1.98
Javascript Variables - A variable variable is required -2.46
JavaScript: How to pass object by value? +1.32
JavaScript indexOf() - how to get specific index -0.69
return functions for arrays +0.82
Javascript to remove text +0.59
Is message property on Error propertyIsEnumerable? +0.60
What is the difference between an object and a prototype in prototy... +1.10
childNodes on <tr> has weird stuff in it, tripping me up -2.94
Convert NaN to 0 in javascript +0.87
jQuery add elements to empty selection? +0.37
How to determine if element is last or first child of parent in jav... -1.42
jQuery ".triggerHandler()" vs. ".trigger()" whe... 0.00
How to replace characters in a string with other characters? 0.00
How to use jQuery objects as parameters for the delegate method +1.19