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Cassio Neri

1523.11 (25,817th)
12,772 (11,364th)
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Title Δ
GCC seems to prefer small immediate values in comparisons. Is there... +2.37
Intentionally leak the memory of a std::vector -0.97
How to prohibit public inheritance but allow private (and protected... +0.46
Storing many elements in std::vector c++ -0.52
Call appropriate constructor depending on value_type : integer or f... +1.03
how to use C++11 integral_constant::value_type() +0.49
Recursive variable templates 0.00
C++14 using alias for is_same::value +1.94
Why specializing a type_trait could result in undefined behaviour? -1.05
Re-assigning an std::function object while inside its execution -2.06
Prevent the creation of temporary objects 0.00
How to write a constant function reference +0.51
Why is it disallowed to convert from VirtualBase::* to Derived::*? -1.72
Initialise base class which is POD struct +1.85
Can returning a braced enclosed initializer lead to a copy in C++? 0.00
how to check if function exists -1.20
How do I embed a type's name as a string into a static_assert()? -1.41
Should the assignment operator observe the assigned object's rvalue... +1.99
Initializing class using { * this } -1.53
Can the compiler implicitly std::move arguments when referenced jus... +2.90
Why "universal references" have the same syntax as rvalue... +0.17
Can a variadic template match a non-variadic template parameter? -2.04
RVO and NRVO optimisations + C++11 move operator -1.44
Improving diagnostics with the help of static_assert +0.57
How can a std::reference_wrapper to a rvalue lambda work? -1.57
function specialization based on if template parameter is shared_ptr -1.19
Assignment between two maps - move semantics and performance 0.00
Returning pointer on class member from const member function -0.45
No implicit copy constructor in polymorphic class? +0.58
How would auto&& extend the life-time of the temporary obje... 0.00
C++ template function type deduction +1.67
Move Assignment incompatable with Standard Copy and Swap +0.16
C++ finding the instantiated templates -0.48
Converting overloaded function is ambiguous 0.00
Optimization with unvariant polymorphic type inside a loop +0.46
Return value optimizations and side-effects +1.02
std:forward inside a template class +0.45
Can operator<< in derived class call another operator<<... -1.47
How can you reserve space for an array without initializing each el... -1.06
do recursive templates producing runtime code? +1.47
Type traits to distinguish between a const char[N] and a std::string? +1.50
g++ and clang different behavior with recursive variadic template b... -1.90
Having trouble declaring overloaded operator in c++ head file -0.06
std::initializer_list as template argument for constructor 0.00
Not sure to understand the advantage of the move constructor (or ho... 0.00
No initializer list vs. initializer list with empty pairs of parent... -1.83
Why does C++ choose to cast my return value to int? -1.61
C++ metaprogramming eager evaluation -0.73
move and copy semantics with the std::vector +0.43
Finding the scientific notation (E+XX) +0.31