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1379.53 (4,259,967th)
521 (259,660th)
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Title Δ
How to get an element of a JSON object in bash? 0.00
Print data of a file 0.00
Filter object or array -1.15
How to convert a huge single line json file to a multi line file wi... +0.16
How to select/get object elements' (array of objects) keys base... -0.78
Parse and filter complex JSON Response in Python (the easy compute... -0.87
remove all values from JSON matching specific key +0.67
Extracting data using JQ -0.22
"Ternary logic" for returned value: foo, bar or error -0.39
how to use if else to rewrite output in jq -1.17
Is there a way to use default in object construction with jq? -1.18
Replace and add json within another json -1.17
Deleting a field in nested objects in JQ -1.19
Can jq check each element of a comma seperated array of values to c... -1.09
How do I show only top level JSON entries that are not arrays or ob... -0.90
Filter value contained in array in jq -1.21
Removing duplicates from an array of numbers +1.27
Filter JSON list based on an element appearing in a member's li... -0.40
How to filter this json by nested value using `jq` and print the pa... +0.74
jq: Creating string out of JSON containing optional fields and cond... -0.86
Zip lists in jq's objects construction by {} instead of multipl... -0.06
creating a nested json string with jq +1.12
jq: Iterate over inner multiple array +1.64
Feature request? Ability to create an object via an array of key na... -2.39
How to parse JSON into a single nested object with jq? -2.42
How do I parse JSON log file with jq? -2.43
Convert json filtered into csv with jq -0.62
Use jq to delete keys which match a listing in another JSON file -2.46
How to get rid of null value in JSON with stedolan/jq? -2.50
Create a string from multiple tags in json file in jq -2.53
Find common keys in JSON objects using jq -0.53
Extract data from JSON and insert it as new by using jq -2.56
ID lookup from an external file in JQ -2.59
Move nested value in jq -2.62
How do I convert a named list to an array of objects -1.70
Unable to capture value of element using jq -1.01
How to merge two files? -2.67
How do I create transformed nested JSON elements with jq? -2.71
Select matching substring +0.93
Extract keys and data and write an array -2.79
How do I update a single integer in a json document using jq? -2.92
Parsing Json array to get a value +1.89
How to iterate JSON content using jq in bash -2.76
Aggregate the results of a jq query into a single array -0.94
How to prevent escaping when adding JSON object with jq? -1.66
Update field inside a nested JSON object based on key using jq -0.46
JQ: How to multiply values that are recognised as strings? -2.73
Add or Update a field in one JSON file from another JSON file based... +1.24
How can I parse a Json file in linux using bash or jq for setting a... -2.78
Merge two Apache Avro schemas containing a common array using jq -2.15