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Scott Evernden

1449.08 (4,405,942nd)
26,548 (4,789th)
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Title Δ
getcontext() with 3D rendering javascript +0.07
dynamically add jquery ajax options 0.00
Multiple conditions 0.00
How can I get the color of any specified pixel on a web page? +0.57
How do i get a href value from a link inside li list? -0.32
How to find single quotes and replace them by two single quotes in... -1.01
jQuery.css(), what unit are those position/size-values? +1.25
Img.src how is it stored in memory? +2.57
Javascript strip decimal from numeric -0.54
Which free server with node.js and +1.24
Fit div (width) around floating divs -0.01
Pop-up not working with Jquery/Ajax +0.05
JQuery. Remove a previous sibling in the DOM tree +0.65
jwplayer - how do I get video duration before playback? 0.00
logging function/objects name's in javascript inside of a function... 0.00
Remove image elements from string -0.25
compatibility mode causes css problems 0.00
PHP to remove all table tr td tags -0.44
Is html/javascript equivalent to as3/flex? +1.39
Two-fingered scroll js on touchpad +0.71
PhoneGap deviceready event not firing -0.43
How do I use jQuery to return a record from an XML file where the n... -0.49
backbone js difference between getters vs direct access of model at... -1.41
use templates but keep jquery bindings? -0.40
reach element sub-class through jquery this +1.57
How to "easily" produce flawless Javascript code for mobi... -1.10
What is the least ugly way to force Backbone.sync updates to use PO... 0.00
Is heredoc slower than escaped echo in PHP? +2.30
How to add 0 before seconds under 10 in a Java Script Countdown? +0.64
Update querystring value in href with jQuery -1.81
Is there any photo editor Plugin? -0.44
how to put an iframe absolutely on top without concealing the body +0.07
Manually triggering document onready 0.00
New function in .click after first function has been completed in j... +0.25
check if any element contains certain css style -1.83
How to fill html table made grid with colors using mouse click? +0.13
1px solid image efficiency 0.00
Function-like CSS Classes +1.39
Find one string and get related values -0.87
How to compile code online? -0.18
External link to php page for global function? +0.58
Developing the front-end of a Drupal site - the basics -0.42
jQuery trigger and bind to event on page load? -1.89
How to put an Array object into JSON? -0.46
saving and setting how far a web page has scrolled down +1.46
Backbone.js suitable for mobile devices? 0.00
Disable button after post using JS/Jquery +0.10
jQuery: Executing multiple actions on the same event on the same el... -0.12
Device identifier of Android emulator 0.00
Jquery select all elements containing text in ID +1.60