An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.52 (54,955th)
311 (400,895th)
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Title Δ
Display columns of nested dictionary -0.00
Count longest streak of repeating numbers in a python list of integ... -2.63
Working with panda dataframe column values and pasting in next row +3.87
How to generate a vector of pseudo random numbers from another vect... +4.61
Modify column data before a specific character using Regex in pandas +0.24
How to find the sum of elements of a specific tuple in a list? +3.37
Group/filter and make calculations on lines of a dataframe 0.00
Mapping list of functions to list of items element-wise 0.00
Python replace the default __str__ implementation of datetime? -3.61
Pandas, import multiple csv into one data frame with multiple columns 0.00
very very low validation accuracy and very high training accuracy p... -2.91
Selecting rows with a string index that contains a bracket +4.05
how to iterate over entries in list while defining own function 0.00
Elegant way to remove some keys from nested dictionary -1.17
How to get the most frequent row in table +0.70
new in python. I want to apply an algorithm to different images fro... +3.98
What is the more efficient way to generate all combinations of dict... 0.00
Selenium: Can't click on a button within an iframe -3.62
How to find repeating strings one after the other? +1.65
Get data frame in shape of table in word document +4.00