An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1515.24 (43,128th)
111,085 (618th)
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Title Δ
Camera "Bitmap imageBitmap = (Bitmap) extras.get("data&qu... -2.13
How to find out the next buildnumber on Hockeyapp with Fastlane +0.48
Placing Button to Overlapping Two Layouts with Layout Weight with K... +0.00
ImageView with rotate xml not rotating -0.53
Install duplicated Android app on your device -0.53
Start Service from BroadcastReceiver with AlarmManager +0.47
Android Progress Dialog doesn't show +0.22
How does facebook decide if an Android app is a release or a develo... 0.00
How to make a gradle build finish successful with checkstyle errors? +0.02
I want to use ImageJ to transforma a grayscale TIF to a colored TIF -0.53
How to use the Material Design Theme on pre Android 5.0 Devices 0.00
How to enable multidexing with the new Android Multidex support lib... -0.24
Why is this strange URL not working with 0.00
How to unregister an android device from a push channel on 0.00
How to register an Android device to a push channel with 0.00
How to send Push Notifications with Cloudcode -0.01
How can we gurantee that onPause will be called? +0.79
Gradle can not find plugin 0.00
Background image for android wear notification +0.47
Creating Wearable notifications without the builder? -0.02
Android Actionbar change menus position -2.32
How can I create notification that is different on device and wear? 0.00
Android Wear Specific Notification 0.00
What actually happens if I return false in a OnTouchListener? -0.03
How to know which button is click from custom list 0.00
Is Retrofit+Okhttp using httpCaching as a default in Android? +0.11
Start app widget on app installation in android 0.00
Don't fail the gradle build if a test is failing with the gradle-an... 0.00
Memory and Storage in Android Devices -0.30
Why are all my Gradle product flavors building? 0.00
Tracking sharing on Android -1.38
Android how to overlap an ImageView on top of a LienearLayouy so th... -0.05
Show multiple locations with a marker on google map when the user t... 0.00
External Android library projects with Gradle 0.00
Efficient custom tiled maps with custom zoom levels and zoom factors +0.45
Getting strange exception while deleting sms from inbox 0.00
How do I build a GreenDao query that loads all Items specified thro... +0.47
How to disable the fadingedge in the support listfragment 0.00
Is it better to use AsyncTask or Service to upload a file in backgr... 0.00
Google map API v2 is not working -0.22
Google in app billing issue in android 0.00
How can I handle map move end using Google Maps for Android V2? -0.51
How to switch between Action bar tabs smoothly without reloading fr... 0.00
How to disable the map rotation feature in the Android Map Fragment 0.00
Content management system for Android App +0.40
How to change Tab background in ActionBarSherlock -0.05
Implementing Tab Navigation using the ActionBar and a Viewpager 0.00
How to make Android activities smaller with better OO 0.00
when does onCreateOptionsMenu get called when activity is in tab? 0.00
Open url from Dialog class 0.00